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    The Japanese launch vehicle H II A makes a great model. I built mine from Nifty's files available at SPPM_ƒ}ƒCEƒ‚ƒfƒ‹
    See also, for information, video of launch at
    YouTube - H-IIA Launch Vehicle
    and diagrams/photos at H-IIA - Summary
    MTSAT-2 / H-IIA F9 Countdown | Rocket System Corporation
    JAXA | H-IIA Large Image

    I also have a superb (but rather large) file of an early H IIA launch video, that seems no longer to be available. If anyone wants it, I can mail it. PM me, but beware it's a 17 meg file!:eek:


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  2. SAustin16

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    Good Evening Cut...,

    Nice clean model. Looks like fun. Great job.
  3. Cut 'n' Paste

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    Thanks, Steve.

    By the way, the fairing section is detachable and there is a payload - a kind of generic satellite last stage.
    The SRBs are tricky to attach with the struts, but nice once on. There aren't any instructions beyond a simple diagram, but it's a straightforward build anyway.
    I hope to build a fleet of Japanese launch vehicles and satellites. The Japanese make excellent models, of course, and the detail is phenomenal.
    I have ADEOS-2, ALOS, AQUA and DRTS satellites ready to build, and there's enough detail in those to keep anyone busy for a while.


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    Nice model!

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