Gundam Virtue

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  1. heeHOO

    heeHOO New Member

    hey guys,,,
    nice to meet you all,,, I was looking for some forum like this,,, and finally I found this kind of thread,,,, nice to meet you guys,,,:thumb:
  2. noscire8

    noscire8 New Member

    So cool

    I hope you will share the pattern with us. Please. Please.
  3. arisraiser00

    arisraiser00 New Member

    i see this so fantastic gundam papercraft model ,i hope you want to share this model
  4. Shad0wSkiL

    Shad0wSkiL New Member

    I hope you can share these amazing model with us..especially the gundam papercraft fanatics^_~
  5. rysjin

    rysjin New Member

    I hope that this build will be a regular sized gundam and not SD. Too many SD NOT ENOUGH REAL GUNDAMS!!! ( SD RANT ) Btw I'm new ta this forum th' names Rysjin great design so far I'm lookin ta start a build of th' GN-001 EXIA by zell2007. I'm lookin ta make some friends.
  6. asdfer01

    asdfer01 New Member

    Amazing model keep going
  7. pool

    pool New Member

    How I long to see it finished excellent work
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