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  1. rlc321

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    hi guys i need help eith gundam rx79 zip file. i downladed it from final just befor they went down and i tried to open it today and its password protected.
    the help i need is this
    has anyone downloaded this file it has 6 bmp files in it and if you have could you please pm me the password or tell me any way around it.
    thank you and all the best
  2. 57townsman

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    Is this the one you're looking for?8) Or did you manage to find the actual RX-93 Nu Gundam? I have seen pics but never found the download.:confused:


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  3. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe


    sorry my bad its actually the rx79 its 7 bmp files here is a pic of it.

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