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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by tazman3, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. tazman3

    tazman3 Model Designer Wannabe

    Hey gang...a few steps of what I've done so far on this Gundam. I really love Gundam, and the MechWarrior stuff...I will probably only update this once more as I have to get to work on my contest build. But here is some stuff to wet your appetites...this is the first time I've built a paper model this complicated...I'm learning slowing..if anything is glaring out at you, then by all means let me know, I'm always open to suggestions...


    Some initial work on the chest/backpack...


    Those tricky sides..

    Some additional can see my sides didn't turn out to well, they didn't really fit the outline very well, and I think it was all my doing. They warped on me.

    Zoom ahead...coming along...this is becoming a good learning experience, I'm enjoying it even though I know it isn't that great.

    I've now finished the other two vents and I've completed the two "saber" handles that stick out the top. I'll post pics of those when I get them on the backpack. I'd say after that I'll stop and start work on my contest build.

  2. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    WOOT! GO you! I love Gundam Builds, and NT-1 is a great one! As for Suggestiongs, can I see which way you put your booster parts?
  3. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    By the way, shouldn't this go under Cartoon and Anime...
  4. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Well, it is sci-fi too so... ;)

    Nice work Taz! Nice to see another person build Robs model. You say it isn't a great start but it's looking pretty sweet to me buddy.

    If you get confused or stuck, I'd give Getter1 or Rob a shout. They've both built this one. ;)

    Looking forward to seeing more.
  5. Simmo

    Simmo An Older Junior Member

    At the rate people are designing and building Gundam here, we will have to get another category....
  6. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    We've been rumbled! Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly. LOL :)
  7. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    We need a new category: Gundam and Mecha :D
  8. tazman3

    tazman3 Model Designer Wannabe

    Yesssssss!! sign1

    Thanks guys, I humbly appreciate the comments. The booster were a learning experince...hadn't done a cone that small before, and then to have it be two parts, inside and out was challenging at first, but I figured out a trick for them. I wonder if my printing methods sometimes cause problems was like they didn't fit properly...could that be the issue (to rob or getter1)?? And by the way Rob, this is a great kit, I love the size, just right. IF OTHERS WOULD JUST FINISH THIERS WE COULD HAVE A SWEET SET! :rolleyes::eek::cry::mrgreen: I'm just kidding of course!
  9. Looks good, nice neat build. I don't like working with white myself because everything shows, but your model is pristine so far.

  10. tazman3

    tazman3 Model Designer Wannabe

    Boy, you are not kidding! I hate white too now...hehheh...

    If you notice the boosters have like this "burnt" look to their accident. I couldn't find my normal edge I grabbed a big ole sharpie...well the instant I touched that thing to the edge it just sucked the ink right out of the pen...the nice this is that it looked kind of cool...

    but yeah...the white is the tough...but that is the color of most Gundam...and the more that get designed, the more we'll have to deal with in other words...

    GET OVER IT! :eek:

    lol...and thanks!
  11. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member


    What are you trying to say?? LOL! I know I've been dragging my heals alot lately! Sorry about that. :)
  12. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    hey tazman noticed this build your doin a fine job keep at it. with regards to the backpack even i found it tricky in places but it does all fit nicley. in case you missed it here is the thread with some pics of the finished model. im glad you like it and its really good to see some one enjoying it. if you da have problems let me know.
  13. tazman3

    tazman3 Model Designer Wannabe

    I have no idea what you are talking about.:rolleyes::twisted:

    Thanks rob, I appreciate it...I had a lot of problems with the side collapsing in on me, especitally when putting those vents in. I ended up putting them underneat the edges to keep some depth in it. I used 55lb paper, I bit thin I guess.

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