Gundam Event Kits, only chance.

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  1. Qess

    Qess Member

    Its that time of the year, and I happen to find myself in Japan:cool:

    So here is a list of what June will be selling at this years Cx3

    1/60 Z gundam+α ...6000yen (50pieces)
    1/60 Super Gundam...7000yen (50)
    1/60 Gundam mark 2 +α ...5000yen (50)

    1/60 Hi-v Gundam ...8000yen (50)
    1/100 Nightingale ...6000yen (50)
    1/60 ZZgundam ...6000yen (40-resale)

    If anyone wants any of these models, and is willing to pay the price plus shipping and parceling (no commission, I’m going anyway :thumb:) please let me know, and be ready to pay to my pay pal account by the
    You won’t get another chance to get these models, they are often only sold at one event.
    Please note, I have no control over these kits, some may differ from their pictures, some may be sold out, or not sold at all.

    Peace out,


    SEBRET Member

    God, i would kill for the Hi-v. give me a few days and ill let you know if i'm in. your a hero for this, thnx.
  3. AznRiceBoi

    AznRiceBoi New Member

    Thanks for doing this Qess! I'm sure a lot of people appreciate the effort seeing as models like these are very limited and exclusive.

    I was wondering where you would be shipping the kids from? Would it be possible to ship to Canada?
  4. Qess

    Qess Member

    No problem I am going anyway :).
    I know it would mean a lot to me if I got a chance like this, so of course I'm going to give to all of you.
    I will be shipping from Japan; I will be wrapping them in stiff cardboard to ensure they arrive safe and sound. I’m sure Canada won’t be a problem. I would recommend to ship EMS, just because they really don’t weigh all that much, and it’s fully track-able, fast and ensured. But you are welcome to choose another alternative.

  5. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    ...A chance to get extremely limited edition models? For all modelers it's nice to have you in Japan Qess! Not a Gundam fan myself but good luck at the venture!
  6. 1Randyc

    1Randyc New Member

    Oh I would love top3 and the bottom one.
    If you can do this thank you very much!
    I am in Korea so, shipping will not be much??
  7. AznRiceBoi

    AznRiceBoi New Member

    So assuming what I bought weighed less than 300grams. It would cost 1200yen to deliver to Canada by EMS?

    Should I PM you when I've decided I want to purchase one of these models. I wish they weren't so expensive cuz I want my grubby little hands on all of them. =P Sadly I might have to choose just one. )=
  8. autosomatic

    autosomatic New Member

    OMG.... I am so in.... I will review my finances and let you know which models I can't live without.... ASAP.
  9. Qess

    Qess Member

    To all interested in buying models from June.

    I have to warn you; I have been looking in to the fees involved with
    Paying to paypal, and getting money out of paypal, they charge a fee and a % every time, and every time you change currency. I have no control over this. Also my bank might charge something for changing it back in to Japanese yen.
    You will have to cover all these fees, and pay for shipping.
    It seams unfair to expect people to buy the item, when I have no idea how much they will end up paying… But if you still want, please let me know asap. PM me for paypal adress.

  10. SEBRET

    SEBRET Member

    are you, by chance, going to be taking any last request tomorrow. I have to make sure i can pay for it, but i will know by then
  11. autosomatic

    autosomatic New Member

    [FONT=Arial (W1)]To all who wanted to, but were unable to participate in this unique opportunity… you didn’t miss anything.

    [FONT=Arial (W1)]I had contacted “Qess” 2-3 times before he had left for the convention, and I had sent him $300+, so he could buy 4 of June’s models for me. Upon his return, he informed me that he had some unexpected bank account issues, and actually attended the convention the day before J-Cube's sales booth was established.... So "Qess" was unable to obtain any of June's papercraft. :cry:[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial (W1)]After he informed me that his attempt to purchase some of June’s models was unsuccessful, I advised him it’s understandable, and I decided to remain patient—awaiting a refund. [/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial (W1)]I now feel I may have tossed $300 out the window, because I have contacted "Qess" twice in the past 2 weeks, requesting a refund, and I have received no response. wall1[/FONT]
  12. Qess

    Qess Member

    I'm just getting home from a long week at work to find this posted, and I must say I am surprised! Not a single email have you sent me... Not Only did I tell you that I have yet to recive your money from paypal, since they froze my arrount for trying to get your money to Japan, But I allso told you I used my own money, and even had to borrow from friends to buy models for you, and I did! But ofcourse I wont send them untill I get the money from Paypal... I hope that is understanderble. THe delay is due to paypal requesting bankstaments, which mean I had to re-open my danish bank account (from Japan!) move it to my parrent adress(from Japan!) and get them to send a statement to my parents, and then my parent to send it to me... and im working 50 hours plus a week at my new job... So yeah, I havent been to the forums as much as I was earlyer, and I'm sorry for makinging you worry, if you want, I will ask paypal to return your money and try to sell the kits on the forum or ebay instead.

    Rasmus "Qess" Loft
  13. autosomatic

    autosomatic New Member

    Please accept my sincere apology; I may not have fully understood your situation... Please understand that I did PM you twice in the last 2 weeks, with no response, and that's when I became concerned--which I hope is understandable. I never received notification that you had acquired any models... how did you get them?
  14. autosomatic

    autosomatic New Member


    Haven't heard from you in a while. Any updates? Were you able to obtain all models that I had requested?
  15. autosomatic

    autosomatic New Member

    I'm sorry to bump this thread... again...., but I had actually received several emails concerning this particular thread. I thought I could answer all the inquiries, and update everyone who’s curious in a single message.

    Here we are, about 3 months after "Chara Hobby 2008", and I have not received any models, nor have I received refund. I have not received responses to my emails for about 2 months, now. And for all who had inquired, I'm sorry, but I would not be willing to distribute scans of the models--if I had received them.

    I don't know what happened. Everything seemed fine, and Rasmus definitely seemed legitimate according to his history here at the Zealot Forum. I will never forget this, and I will do my best to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else, next year.

    Thank you for your interest,
    Matthew Freidel (

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