Gumdrop, my first real design work

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  1. This is actually the project that led me into card modeling in the first place. Originally I was going to do the model in plastic :? or turn it from wood. Then I started thinking about how to build a prototype to see how the proportions worked out etc. Thought I had stumbled on something really original when I resorted to paper :roll: Anyway this is related to the "Is this overkill" thread. Some expressed interest in just what the blue blazes I'm up too. In consideration of Ron's bandwidth all images are off site Design/FreightVersion.jpg

    Screen shot of the AutoCAD line drawing. All drawing elements are done in 3d solids Design/GumdropFreightView1.gif

    Rendered image of above Design/untitled9.gif

    Crewed version of model. The aft portions are identical Design/CrewMKII.jpg

    3d rendered image of manned version

    The following are just something I have been playing around with during llunch breaks at works for a couple of years. At 1/250th scale it would be around 200 cm long Design/Gavinpotter.jpg Design/GavinAftView.jpg

    Someday I gotta get the image attachment system figurd out

    :? :?
  2. DeWayne

    DeWayne Member

    Please, keep us up to date on your progress with this amazing project, Mark.
    Just absolutely amazing!
  3. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Mark

    Yes it works

    You have got to finish these it would be a crime not to.
    Amazing stuff :shock:



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