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  1. Been sketching at this one the last few days.
    Cogitated it could be amusing to see how many recognize exactly which mecha it is.
    <image attached>

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Gundam, but I'm not sure which one.
  3. Enough of it is presented to assure ガンダム, or an inclination to ガンダム-based/inspired conjuration.
    I would have to meticulously recheck my archive, but my comparison search resolved only two G-serialnumbers posessing the particular features shown (limiting me reusing these parts).
    Some minor parts are highly compatible, the abdomen, feet and upper legs match for a dozen or so of the hundred+ Gundam mecha.
  4. Unfairly small sample image before?
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    Wing Gundam Zero Custom. :D

  6. I was wondering if the wings were needed for anyone else to recognize it. :p

    XXXG-00W0K Wing Zero Custom Gundam

    With the second with the same shape is:
    XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Version Kai

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    Thats a beautiful model. I had the pleasure of building the Bandai Perfect Grade version of it (over 2 months, lots of parts and painting). A paper model of this mech would be spectacular.
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    oh my...are you scratch building this model?
  9. Deathping

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    Wow. If the level of detail throughout the model will match what youve done with the head...heh put me up for an order =)

    Actually I'm looking at doing something similar, but with the Ex-S Gundam. Do a google image search on that and you'll see
    what I mean. I might even order the plastic kit just so I can draft the pieces.

    How much would you charge for the wing zero?
  10. [​IMG]
    Body module stacks the height to 11cm.
    Cost is undetermined until the kit is completed.

    I have 3Gb of Gundam data from RX-78-2 to GAT-X105, and reasonably knowledgable in most series, even the painful to view G-Gundam.

    "MSA-0011 Ext" is stacked out of mild geometry, but its total sum of parts, assembly and options will impose a high volume labor and dedication to design a kit.

    There is a "ORX-013 Mark V" from "Gundam Sentinel" already "Pepakura"ed:
    Deduct points for not showing image of actual build (3D renderings do not prove buildability), and deduct points for dashed fold lines. Too many small parts at that DPI to be using dashed foldlines in JPEG file format.
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    Masamune, Do you have 3 views drawing of Gundam Mk.II ? I want to scathbuild this one. My favorite is ZZ-Gundam and Z-Gundam and want to have both mesh on my desk too.

    Thank you very much in advance
  12. Deathping

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    Yeah I know, the Ex-S is extremely detailed, lots of surfaces, but from what I've seen it can be broken down to basic components. I like to put myself through a lot of pain :)

    Do you have any material on the Ex-S Gundam? I'm anxious to get started on this model, but not so anxious to spend $80 on the kit. has the master grade kit, this is what I plan to use as reference.

    By the way, the wing zero is looking fantastic. Please post more pics of your work, I really like the clean lines in your build. Also could you show how your building? Im curious how you keep the model so clean, I make a mess when I try building a simple model.
  13. 3D CAD may be the lower-stress route to handle the multi-protrusion form of the Ex-S. For maximum masochistic experience; use sliderule and drafting projection methods from orthographic views in MSPaint.

    The two quickest cleanest sources of shape data for "MSA-0011 Ext" I can offer are:

    When building,
    Light spraycoat clear acrylic (various brands), let cure 1 hour to 6 months.
    Wash hands and dry (repeatedly, often, between each task, after using lavatory...)
    Boss folding lines (before cutting)
    Sharpen blade
    Cut parts (smoothly, one stroke, straightedge...)

    All of this fairly basic, and covered in FAQ and "Tips and Techniques"

    If you slice at 45degree into the overlap side, keeping the part edge on the upper surface, the closed seem over a gluetab can be smoothed easier. Omit gluetabs altogether and butt-join with backing strip.
    Color exposed edges (with feltip marker or such), before gluing.
    I apply a film of PVA glue ("Elmers" white glue) from a scrap using bamboo skewer, then clamp tight with smooth-jawed needle-nosed pliers. Also doing most folding and manipulation with these pliers.
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