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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by I_LuV_AliyA, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Wow guys long time. I've still been working on my model railroad and i came up with a grat idea.

    Now i sitll dont have a cemra to show you the progress, but please bear with me.

    I decided the my suspended speed bullet line should run on a single non-looping track and stop, delay, and go back to the start where it will repeat the process. Does anyone know what i should get for this? I am not really good for the wireing.

    well anyways the suspended line runs to the station and then to the....

    AIRPORT! I'm not a big fan of all the old single piloted aircrafts. So i decided to check out model airports. I bought two airliners which i have painted and i cant wait to show you. heres what the aircraft looks like that:[​IMG]

    i built an airport out of clear plastic and im planning to put people in it. and palm trees on my layout so it looks liek paradise.

    i have a site up for it.

    i hope i get a camera to show you all. the airplane form WAS NOT AT ALL IN ANY WAY as cool as this form.

    CONGRATS GAUGE! Yall are the coolest, nicest people on this web. The people for model planes were full of ****. im sorry. but they just haters. lol
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    I think Circutron makes the stuff you need to make the train stop, pause and reverse. I don't know if one piece handles both ends or if you need two circuits.
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