Grumman F9F-2 Phanter in 1/100 scale

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  1. Gomidefilho

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    Well friends! One more addition for my collection 1/100. It is treated thoroughly of the naval fighter Grumman F9F Phanter used in the War of Korea. The model originally in the scale 1/48 it is of a Spanish publisher me scan and I reduced for the scale. The model in spite of the old fashion it was projected has a surprising precision. The problem is the lack of the landing gear (that had to be built in scratch) and the colors that are completely wrong (very pale):cry: . In the future I will use the formers of that model in the kits of Fiddlers Green Phanter. :mrgreen:


    The base simulating a flight deck went a necessary trick to balance the landing gear since there was not as putting weight in the nose, but I think he gave a charm more the in the model.:thumb:

    See you the next!:wave:
  2. Rick Thomson

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    Nicely done, especially at that scale.
  3. NOBI

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  4. NOBI, I sent you an e-mail with some suggestions.
  5. Gomidefilho

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    Thank's Nobi!

    I already did the download of the model and he are already printed;) soon I should building it, actually I intend to buy her Ouragan and you also convert it for 1/100...

    Thank you!

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