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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Collyn, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Collyn

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    Until recently all my rolling stock has has rapido couples. They have always worked fine, but they look horrible (as you all know). So I decided to get a set of cars with micro trains knuckel couplers. I can't get the train 6 inches. I spent 45 min trying to get the train to get threw a 1 foot section. They just don't stay coupled. Then I can't get them coupled. As I try to get them coupled they derail I put them back on the track then they won't close again so I canget them coupled.:curse:wall1:mad:
  2. Meiriongwril

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    Assuming the knuckle couplers are all microtrains (as opposed to mixed with Accumate etc), is there a difference when the train goes through a straight rather than a curved section? Are the couplers body- or truck mounted?
    To get cars to couple by pushing them together works better on the straight, but even then something like a very small screwdriver or knitting needle may be needed to open and then close the coupler.
  3. Biased turkey

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    What set of cars with the micro-trains couplers did you get ? ( please if possible give the manufacturer and catalogue number ). Are they "real" micro-trains couplers, or Atlas accumate , or worse the old Intermountain couplers ( molded in 1 piece ).
    I have no problem mixing Atlas accumate and Micro-trains couplers. I even prefer the Accumate one because it doesn't induce the "accordion effect".

    I agree with Meiriongwril , coupling or uncoupling on a curved radius track is very difficult ( specialy on the Atlas 9 3/4 " curve ).

    Here is a link that'll tell you more than you want to know about N scale couplers.
  4. pooka2hot4u

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    i use micro trains 2004 couplers on my spectrum 2-8-0 pulling atlas cars with accumates and it works fine. exept when i try to couple the MT and AM couplers together. when i drive the train into a car to hook them together, the AM coupler seems to just knock the MT coupler off to the wrong side. it always works on the second try though. i believe that i should turn the MT coupler under the tender a bit to get ti at the right angle.

    edit: infact, i just adjusted the coupler right after i posted and it works flawlessly now. i kind of prefer accumates though, they seem more sturdy and less finicky. i was going to mount an AM on my tender at first but couldnt figure out how so decided to go with an MT
  5. Collyn

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    36 foot althern overton. they might be too light, i don't have access to a scale. truck mounted, and I was wrong about the micro trains. For some reason I thought they were but they are not. I have micro trains on my transition cars and they are different. They are not intermountain. But the problem is also with my layout it doesn't have many staight sections to couple the cars, so yes I was trying to couple on a curve, but still they souldn't come uncoupled like that. I wonder if a reason could be when the locomotive slows down some or the cars going down a grade, then the cars come together and uncouple. I need to watch more carefully.
  6. Bikerdad

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    Check for vertical misalignments as the train is moving.

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