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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by shiftdel, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. shiftdel

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    Some pics of my beta build of another of Cleeve´s models (, the Klingon Battlecruiser Kleev (from Starfleet Command - Orion Pirates).

    This is the first model that I cut with my new Silhouette cutter (ex-Craftrobo).

    It gave me a lot of trouble to figure out how to make it cut on register and not way off, as it started doing :D
    I will also upload the same ship with a different page layout which fits better the Pepakura Viewer for Craftrobo.

    I found some fitting problems with the model, which I am correcting on a revised version that I will release soon. The main problem were the wings.

    Initially, I split the wings in 3 parts, center, left and right, but this solution did not work quite well, as I could not glue the wings at the right downwards angle due to a slight distortion when gluing the tabs.

    To correct it, I made the wing one piece, so the angle would be kept intact - this is the solution that I posted on my released model... but, it also did not work well, the wings ended up too much warped (it may be corrected gluing a thicker cardboard inside of the main wings parts, or making an internal frame - I will try both solutions).

    To save my prototype, I glued the separated wings into the center part, using the impulse engines below them, as a guide to achieve the correct angle (it worked), but the top part get a huge gap (actually a trench). I simply covered it dismantling the one piece wing, and use the top side to cover the gap ;)

    Initial parts breakdown:

    Some sub-assemblies done, here you can see the alternate pair of wings:

    Finished model:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Very nice model!! I'd get a Dark Green Sharpie and touch up those white dash lines. It will do wonders for this model. You built in perfectly. Straight and true. Just a little touch up on the lines. It is a problem with some of these Pepakura models, but your build is excellent. One of the best I have seen of this model! :)
  3. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    Thanks Zathros, in fact I did retouch the white spots, the model looks better than the pics, but I used color pencils, and they don´t show up well at the photos, due to flash light.
  4. THE DC

    THE DC Member

    Thanks for posting these pics. I'ts cool to see what the finished product would be!


    The DC
  5. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    The biggest problem with these models is my son wants me to build everything he sees. He said he has no Klingon's. I told him he would have to wait till he was older, he's only 11!:p:twisted:
  6. Chesso2001

    Chesso2001 New Member

    Qapla :) nice model indeed :)
  7. Jeffrey1773

    Jeffrey1773 New Member

    Looks great!
  8. DanielSheen

    DanielSheen New Member

    looks amazing!
  9. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    (how i could forget to reply here? :oops: )

    I built both of Shiftdels ships! no big problems, only the color was a bit too dark! i made it brighter and greener! and of course a scratchbuild stand!

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  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    D-Whale, gefällt es mir, Sie zu sehen Kommentar verfassen! Very pleased indeed! :)
  11. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    Nice build, D-WHALE, it is the first time I see the Kleev built besides mine, course yours is far better, as your building skills surpases mine by miles ;)

    The original Cleeve texture is darker... to be honest, I prefer them darker, they look more menacing; although to be more "canon" they should be lighter, as you did.
  12. myrmedon

    myrmedon Member

    Shiftdel! Good to see you here. Nice Klingon ship...I always liked the designs from the PC games...especially some from Armada and Armada 2. Gosh, so many little time!

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