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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by oldtanker, Mar 26, 2007.

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    Combat - i'd like in - How do you arrange payment and shipping as well? Paypal?

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    Here is what everyone is doing so far.

    When it comes to shipping you chose. I mean your paying for it so its up to you. Most people are using for shipping. If you want insurance thats fiine too. If you chose no insurance and it is damaged I cant be responsible. HOWEVER, I will help you in any way I can fight with them for damaging your product. I would recomend insurance and for what it costs its a good idea. Like I said, you chose. :)

    For payment people have been sending personal checks and money orders. If you send a check thats fine. I will wait the few days it takes for the check to clear and then ship you the item per your requested and prepaid shipping method.

    Before you send me payment I will confirm the item is in stock and that we can get it. I have had people order more then what was available so thats why the PM method is important. If there are only 5 available and people order 6 the last PM isnt going to get one. Sorry!

    After I confirm I cant get it I will send you a PM stating that I ordered it and you can send me payment. Ect. ect. ect.

    I think that covers it for the most part except this.

    I stay in contact with you and will always update you with what is going on with the order. The last order was delayed slightly and I let those people know with a PM.

    The funny thing was the delay was caused by a train. LOL! The shipper didnt say what caused it but its ironic all the same! LOL

    I hope this info helps. Heck, ask some of the others that have particpated. I am sure they can answer better then me on how it works. :)

    Combat :)

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    REMEMBER, If you dont send a PM your item will NOT be ordered!

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    One more day for this. :)
  5. SeriousSam

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    Man, Kato needs an N Scale SD38-2.
  6. zachary

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    hey combat what about athern sd70macs id like to know thanks zachary
  7. pfs

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    Exactly! .
  8. jbaakko

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    Darnit, I don;t need an SD38-2:(

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    LOL, Sorry. :)
  10. COMBAT

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    Blue box or genesis? :wave:
  11. zachary

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    genesis the newest bnsf paint or painted up like the kato you did a long time ago i wish i could have gotten in on that one but lack of money so thanks zacharyf
  12. COMBAT

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    Last Call For These Today. :)
  13. COMBAT

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    I am calling in the order in the morning. Anyone else want one???
  14. J. Steffen

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    I would love to join but I'm so broke I can't pay attention. What's the cost?
  15. CRed

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    OK, What about this? Here is a Kato unit:

    Union Pacific
    Non-Dynamic Brakes
    3200 Gallon Fuel Tank
    2-Cylinder Truck Sideframes

    Standard Scheme

    [FONT=VERDANA,ARIAL,DEFAULT][SIZE=-1]Model Features —[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=VERDANA,ARIAL,DEFAULT][SIZE=-1]These models will be accurate to the roadname/engine number with regards to the fuel tank size, truck brake cylinders and dynamic/non-dynamic brake hatch. They will, of course, feature the precision detail and powerful five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels that KATO models are known for. The models will be equipped with KATO magnetic knuckle coupler, 8-pin DCC socket and golden-white LED headlight. These models will be "Sound Friendly," featuring the capacity for the optional installation by hobbyists of a 1.1" (28mm) diameter speaker in the fuel tank for use with onboard sound unit (speaker and sound unit available from other manufacturer). Hobbyist-install detail parts will enhance the enjoyment of these models. [/SIZE][/FONT]

    MSRP: $$145.00 for C&NW & UP

    Your Price: $85.00

    Savings of: $60.00 [​IMG]

    Thats better! [​IMG]


  16. J. Steffen

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    Oh tempting....
  17. COMBAT

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    What is this for? :oops:
  18. J. Steffen

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    He was re-iterating the offer. I had asked.
  19. COMBAT

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    AHHH. Thanks!!!! :)
  20. COMBAT

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    Deal Closed! Thanks for looking. :)

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