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  1. jjqgenesis

    jjqgenesis Member

    I am waiting for my Zephyr to arrive within the next day or two and have a question with regard to "grounding" the unit so I don't get an electrical schock if something goes bad.
    I have read the manual on line at the Digitrax site but I couldn't locate any reference to this subject.
    If anyone in the group is using the Zephyr, I would appreciate hearing if and how you grounded the unit.
    I will be installing GFI sockets between the power switches and the first outlets in each circuit but since I have easy access to the grounding rod where the electric coming into the house is grounded would like to use that as well.
    Thank you.:eek: :eek:
  2. Paul Davis

    Paul Davis Member

    The Zephyr uses a wall transformer which is double insulated. Only low voltage goes to the actual unit. There is no need for any grounding.
  3. jjqgenesis

    jjqgenesis Member

    Thank you.
    I was concerned but now understand why there isn't a reference to grounding in the Zephyr manual.
    I will still install GFI wall sockets even if only to make me "feel safer".
  4. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    If the enclosure for the double insulated transformer is metal, you might want to run a grounding strap from the case to your grounding rod. If it already has a three prong grounded 110v plug, just make sure your receptical is grounded.
  5. Paul Davis

    Paul Davis Member

    part of being double-insulated means that the case is plastic.

    GFI's are still a good idea. They don't actually require any ground to operate. They measure the current traveling through both the live and the neutral condutor. If the currents are different because the electricity is finding a different path to ground (like through you) then they shut off the circuit.
  6. jjqgenesis

    jjqgenesis Member

    Thank you for the responses to my question.
    I have installed a GFI between switch and first outlet coming off switch.
    The Power Adapter has 3 prong plug and I know the circuit where it is plugged into is grounded at the entry box.
    Received Zephyr Friday and successfully tested the components by running 3 power units on track at same time. One controlled by Zephyr throttle and one each by the 2 UT-1's. Wow.
    Thanks again for the input.

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