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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by CN1, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. CN1

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    I am putting down ground foam to represent grass, y'know the stuff that "look" like grass. So far so good, BUT, when i used the 50% Water-Glue technique, the result is not very good. It looks like....well...soaked ground foam!

    What's the best way to "glue" down ground foam?

  2. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Are you using a drop or two of soap in the glue/water solution to make "wet water?" does it look like "soaked ground foam" after it dries? It may look awful while wet, but get better when dry. You might also try wetting the ground foam that you have down with your glue/water solution, then sprinkle dry ground foam on top of the wet foam. You might want to take a piece of scrap material like a small piece of plywood, and experiment on that until you come up with a technique you are happy with.
  3. Clerk

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    Did you put a drop or two of dishwashing detergent? That is what I do and have very little trouble
  4. belg

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    foam adhesive

    First welcome to the gauge,cn1 . I've used both the fifty /fifty method and also have used some cheap hairspray in both cases I put the "adhesive" down first and then shook the grass on top. If you do it the other way you'll probably get results like the one you got.I think once yours completely dries it might look better. Also when you fill in any other material on top I use a fine spray mist of matte medium and water with a few drops of soap to break the surface tension.Hope it helps,don't be afraid to experiment a little if you don't like it soak it with a spray bottle and brush it away.So now that being said I'm sure there are other ways but these are MY prefrence.Good luck and don't sweat the small trial and errors learning curve period.
  5. CN1

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    Ok, I will try a few drop of soap to see how it goes.

    I try foam first them water/glue mix. Then i try glue-water mix, then I try 100% white glue and then foam. Geeez!

    If it works I will be happy!

    Back to the train room...
  6. Blake

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    I usually paint on some slightly thinned white glue first, then sprinkle on the foam and press it down a little. After it dries I go back and add bushes and the like using the Woodland Scenics scenic cement. Then, when that's all dried, my cat will eat the clumps of foliage material off of the scene!!!

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  7. Greg Elems

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    Bad kitty, bad kitty!:D :D :D
  8. TrainClown

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    Run For Your Life!

    Catzilla strikes again! :p
  9. jwmurrayjr

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    Some folks use a 2-to-1 or 3-to-1 water-to-glue mixture instead of 50/50 for light materials like foam and "grass".

    Some spray with diluted rubbing alcohol before applying the glue mixture.

  10. shaygetz

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    My cat did that...once:eek: Try a light sprinkle of dry foam over the freshly wetted and glued foam. It will usually pick up enough glue to stick but not enough to lose its "fluff".
  11. 60103

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    I may be going the expensive way, but I use Woodland Scenics glue. I paint the area with it, then shake on the grass, then mist with isopropyl alcohol, then spray more scenic cement. I find the alcohol wets better than the "wet" water. (rubbing alcohol, methyl hydrate will also work.)
    I usually end up adding more grass and cement. It looks miserable when you finish, but it dries out reasonably.
  12. CCT70

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    I found that it's a lot easier to use an earth toned latex paint. No muss, no fuss, dries quick and sticks very well. Give it a liberal coat of paint, and while it's still wet, sprinkle your ground cover on. Works for Plaster, Foam, Homasote and wood very well. ;)
  13. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    I usually paint the area with white glue first. then sprinkle the stuff on, using different mixed colours and textures. I then "drip" a 50/50 whiteglue water mix over it, and just about flood it.

    I then get a mist sprayer and mist it with water all over. It looks like a blizzard flood has hit the joint when I'm finished, but the next moring? Dried. Looks good and "fluffy" and sets like a rock.

    I don't "press" it down at all.

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