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    I have just built my tables. i have plywood with pink 1/2 inch glued on top. Before I go any further I read that we should paint the layout in ground colors. Is that dark brown, black or something in between. I read earth colors should be used but what color is that exactly. Thanks for your help.

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    10yr 4/3 using the munsell color chart. :D

    Seriously, this is a tough question to answer. In short, do what YOU think looks good. I usually go to the "oops" rack at home depot, and find a gallon of some kind of medium-light brown, preferrably flat. Darker gray would be okay. So would a gray-brown. Maybe a reddish-brown for some areas. And ALWAYS get latex paint.

    My philosphy with the paint is that getting something close is all that is important, because when I get the scenery in place, I don't want any of the paint to show through. Of course, inevitably some paint will show through the ground textrure, so if the paint color is brown as opposed to pink, the better your ground will look. I use the paint primarily to seal the benchwork and terrain, and to provide some kind of natural color until I get around to grass, dirt, and trees.

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    A second reason for painting the foam is to seal it against fire. If there is a fire, the foam produces undesirable chemicals, but it takes longer with a paint covering.
    Most of the paints with place names in the (Umber, Sienna, Terra Cotta) are derived from the dirt in that area.
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    My approach to the color question was to go to the local hardware store and say "give me a quart of your cheapest, dirt brown , flat, latex wall paint". After painting, I used Woodland Scenics earth tone burnt umber as a highlighting medium. I applied the burnt umber with a foam brush and wiped it off with a rag to get a semi transparent shading in the low areas and a lighter color in others. Strictly a personal method.
    Please note the term "latex paint" above. Solvent based paints will eat up the foam.
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    I use a 50% dilluted mixture of Earth Color Earth Undercoat.
    Brand name - Earth Color
    Color name - Earth Undercoat
    I also throw in a little Yellow Ocher, Stone Gray, Concrete, Black and White by the same manufacturer.

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