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    [FONT=&quot]I am relatively new to paper modelling, but have enjoyed myself so far. I came to the hobby via Warhammer 40k. I love modelling and scratch building and have made a Warhound Titan and done extensive conversions on other models. Recently, I decided to give paper modelling a go and started out with Patoroch's Thunderbolt fighter. It turned out so well, I decided to try another model that someone in our family (both sons play as well and we have 6 armies between us, none of which is Imperial Guard... yet.) could actually use in a game. So, I built Newobmij's Ultramarine Stormtalon. Now I am hooked on paper modelling!

    So... next up has been Patoroch's Grot Tanks. One of the boys plays Orks and wants to build a Dredd Mob army from Imperial Armour 8. So, a fleet of Grot Tanks are in order.



    Here is the first one that I have started.

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    I tried to append this to the first post, but it kept deleting the entire post.

    One of the things that I noticed about this tank is that it seems to be missing a piece:


    The piece directly under the "1" ends up on the back of the tank and leaves a gap at the point I have circled. I think it should meet up with piece 16 at the point I have circled. I will adjust by printing another piece 16 and cutting it to fit the area that is left open at the bottom rear of the tank
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    So... not a lot done this morning (I get to work about 1.5 hours early and model at my desk). I HAVE learned that I dislike making tank tracks. Actually, I dislike making wheels and tanks tend to have more than normal.

    For whatever reason, my wheels always end up looking ugly. The parts look ugly when they are cut out, the edging looks ugly, and my cylinders are NEVER round, even when wrapped around something of the appropriate size. Once I get the cylinders glued to the outer rims, they look a little better, but not much. I probably just need more practice.
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    So, not a lot done over the weekend. I did get the turret built and the big shoota added to the main hull.

    All that is left is adding the shootas to the turret and the track assemblies. I have put off the tracks because I have not been happy with the results I have been getting making wheels, but it seems that it is time to tackle those now.

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    Hey, I was hoping someone will do wip on that little tank, thanks!
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    Sorry for not posting progress... I got a little discouraged by a couple of things: 1) I have been printing these on my color laser printer at work. I just found out that the color will flake off if you use the laser instead of an ink jet. That is one of the reasons that my gun barrels and wheels look like crap. 2) The track assemblies are next, which involve a lot of wheels. I still have not gotten the knack of making wheels that come out round. Mine tend to be various other shapes, most of which there aren't proper names for.

    Just out of curiosity, I decided to have a go at the same model in plasticard. I know I can buy plastic tubing that I can use for the wheels and my son can realistically use as many of these little tanks as I am willing and able to build, so having extras is always nice.

    I DO plan on finishing all of the paper builds, if for no other reason than to get the practice.

    So, here is a pic of what I have been working on for the last 2 days.


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