Grey Knight Terminator Build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by evilduck, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. evilduck

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    Hey All

    New member here who first of all would like to say hi to all fellow builders out there . Just thought i'd start a quick new thread about my new and on going project of a grey knight terminator from the game warhammer 40k. Im not a big fan of warhammer as a game but do and always have loved the armor in it so have finally decided to start on my own suit which i found online and happy to send the links to anyone that wants it.
    Anyhow here are the first pics of the project under way, im only on day 2 of this build so have alot to print cut and make prior to even thinking of resin and sanding then final paint. But if anyone has any tips to a new builder please feel free to comment and aid a new dude in his creations. :p

    20140220_224013.jpg 20140222_151016.jpg 20140222_163027.jpg 20140222_193037.jpg 20140222_193046.jpg 20140222_200303.jpg

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  2. foxgoth

    foxgoth New Member

    wow full size will you be reinforcing it with bondo?
  3. evilduck

    evilduck New Member

    yeah the whole thing is goina be fiberglass'd and then reinforced also making full interior with foam inserts, helmets made and going start work on the chest piece and shoulders this week . Ive left the eye slots empty so that i can figure out what type of visor to put in , but that will be for once its fully prep'd and reinforced. Long term looking to add leds and everything even a sound box for the voice. 380156_1268858480_large.jpg 20140224_174718.jpg 20140224_174745.jpg 20140224_174755.jpg
  4. evilduck

    evilduck New Member

    fist shoulder also made , now to start with the resin and fiberglass 1456097_261842417325761_971696436_n.jpg 1623780_261842447325758_146456625_n.jpg 1621842_261842480659088_1228484610_n.jpg
  5. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    Awesome! Honestly, you should consider making a mold, you could sell these things! :)
  6. evilduck

    evilduck New Member

    Well finished my first attempt at fiberglass tonight , going post some pics later but in the mean time ive completed the chest piece and also the left tight and thigh , will post pics later
  7. PaperAir

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    will be glued to this one

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