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    Greetings to this group. This is my first post to this group, so let me introduce myself. My name is Russell Niles and I am from Sacramento Ca. I will not talk about where I work or what I do as I will be retiring in two months. Consequently that is now a moot point!
    I am a plastic modeler as well as a model railroader, generally modeling in 1/48th sacale and 1/32nd, and On30. I have been a modeler for about 53 years having built my first Hawk kit in about 1956. I have been a model railroder for about 40 years and have started probably 4 layouts, and never finished one. I got interested in narrow gauge about 20 years ago, and have not looked back.

    Currently I am building an around the wall shelf layout that is strictly for running trains. I am not interested in way bills, timetables, or freight movement. I JUST WANT TO RUN TRAINS. My favorite thing to do is scenery. I will be building mini dioramas on my layout, and just like to watch the trains go by.

    I guess thats enough from me for now, I am more of a lurker than anything, but occasionally if I have any questions or comments I will pop in and say howdy.

    Thanks for looking,

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