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  1. bholderman

    bholderman Member

    Greetings all,

    After raising 3 girls to the point that they will give some time to myself, Ive managed to dust off a few of my old hobbies along with some new ones.

    I have yet to finish a paper model, simply due to once nearing completion I have been a bit unhappy with the detail of the model (i.e. the Cassini-Huygens model available at NASA). But, it is a good way to improve my skills I suppose.

    I have 2 main interests, space factual models and science fiction. SO thats about it for now. I can only say this, I will probably have a lot of questions.

  2. Ron

    Ron Member

    Brad, welcome to our humble home :) There are a ton of real space and sci-fi nuts around here so you'll fit right in! Ask away as we like to help as much as we can.

    Happy modeling :)

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