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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by mellotronage, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. mellotronage

    mellotronage Member

    Hi, everyone~
    Craig/mellotronage/newbie here. It's nice to be aboard. I ordinarily work with 1:700 plastic and resin ship kits, and have done sparse work with paper over the last 10 years or so....
    The few I have done are Wilhelmshavener offerings, in 1:500 scale. I enjoy the change of medium by switching to paper when my 1:700 plastic looses it's appeal. I'm really drawn to small scale subjects.
    I'm currently working on Schreiber Bogen's 1:400 VATERLAND kit and am enjoying it to the utmost.

    Allow me to pose a question.... I'm drawn toward JSC's kits, but honestly I've had a bad experiece with their 1:400 Dreadnaught kit in the past.
    I let it get the best of me, and I..... well, I don't want to say what I did!!:cry:
    JSC seems like a logical product for my tastes: ships in small (er) scales and a good selection of them.
    I look at the Maurentania and other 1:400 kits from JSC but I can't get up the courage to buy another one.
    The question: is JSC's product as problematic as I make it out to be? Or is it me? Thanks for any opinions.
    As I said, it's nice to be here! Take care~
  2. Sumato

    Sumato Member

    I've built a few and I think they're generally OK. I think all of the earlier ones are sorta meant for maybe tabletop gaming. They come together well as placemarks, but not too much as fine-scale representations of the topics. The later ones, though, are getting better and better. I've built the JSC zuiho, and it's awesome. So is the Shinano. You may consider just taking a GPM 1/200 scale boat and scale it down to 1/400. If this is your intro to Card Modeling, just take your time with it. It may take a few kits to get the swing of it. The guys around here sure do make it look easy, though. :)
  3. Clashster

    Clashster Member

    Welcome, Craig! I have a couple of JSC kits, but have yet to try any. One thing I remember from this forum is that the more recent kits are pretty good. One of the hints was to look for the kits with the red ribbon above the model name. Of course, this is second hand information....

  4. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Welcome to the fold! Glad to have you aboard. I cant help with the JSC question - most of the stuff I have made was free... I nany case we have a few shipbuilders here that can prolly help out!
  5. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Ah, a new neighbor

    Where in South Jersey are you?

    I am across the river in Delaware

    Welcome to the site

  6. mellotronage

    mellotronage Member

    Thanks, man. I'm in West Berlin, NJ. Maybe about 10-12 miles east of Philly. Most people recognize the name Berlin from their trips to Atlantic City and the Jersey shore. I've spent all of my 38 years here.
    Been married for 3 years to a wonderful woman. I have a step-daughter who's handicapped- she can't walk or talk. She's loved dearly, and our household largely revolves around "Pickles", as we call her. :wink:

    I was intoduced to paper/card kits some 10 years ago or so at the East Coast Hobby Show at the Fort Washington Expo Center in PA. (since closed, I believe) I remember it very clearly.
    The show itself was not overly appealing to me. There was a lot of R/C and collectible dolls- very few models. Toward the end of our walk around the show, I saw a booth that had ship models, finally. These 1:200 scale WW2 German warships were made of <gasp> paper?! Huh?
    I met two gentlemen from Reston, VA who were running the booth, Pete and another's name who escapes me right now.
    They explained the hobby to me in a way that fascinated me. These kits, they told me, were the opposite of their plastic counterparts. They did not need to be painted, and the assembly was the focus. (they had me right there- I like painting the least when doing models.) All I needed was a hobby knife, a self-healing cutting mat, and some PVA glue? I'M THERE!
    I expressed desire to build the Graf Spee that they had on display. I was told that I needed to start with a MUCH simpler project.....
    I left with a kit of a fishing trawler. The drive home with my brother was filled with talk and excitement that these paper kits were going to provide.
    I didn't exactly make the switch to paper from plastic. But I do enjoy it very much (with the exception of JSC's DREADNAUGHT).
    I will certainly look for the red ribbon on the cover of JSC's kits in the future.
    I'm thinking of getting the Maurentania and possibly others. We'll see....
    Have a great weekend, everyone!
  7. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Hello Craig and Welcome!!!
    I feel like I been hit by a truck (under the weather) but I wanted to say HI anyway.
    See you when I am back on my feets.
  8. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Feeling much better now.

    If you have a moment, feel free to read my welcome message by clicking
    " welcome New Member" on my signature below if you have not already.
    This will give you the nickel tour.

    Also, there are lots of links on my signature you may find interesting.

    Seeyah around!
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