Greetings from East London, South Africa

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    Hallo All,
    My name is William J. Patterton and I stay on the south-east coast of South Africa in a city called: East London.
    You might say that I suffer from a mild case of Peter Pan Syndrome - I am 33 years old, married with two daughters (the one being 4 yrs and the other one 3 months). My main hobbies and likes: PC games, Flight simming, Airplanes, Paintball, Movies and music. I have assisted my brother in law in building his 2 seater Skyranger kit plane and even had the chance to fly in it!:thumb:
    A short while back however, I discovered the world of 3D Papercraft.
    Now, this was my kind of thing, even if I make a mistake, I can just get it re-printed. Up to date I have built a Millenium Falcon and am busy with a Bumble Bee that was available online at Paper Inside.
    I have downloaded numerous models and can't wait to print and build them.:rolleyes: I came across this sight about two days ago and look forward to sharing my successes.:wave:

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