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    I am new to the forum. I registered so I could take a look at pictures and read the posts.
    I live and work in Zagreb, capital of the Croatia, small country in Europe, on the coast of the Adriatic sea, which is part of the Mediterranean. Croatia is one of the republics of former Yugoslavia, once a part of the Austro Hungarian monarchy.
    My hobby is scratch building of various miniatures including figures, vehicles, buildings and other stuff. I use various materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic foil, polystyrene, variety of wires, oil and acrylic hobby paints and so on, and for modeling of figures I use Fimo (polymer clay) or Pro-Create modelling putty. I am also building an small N scale railway modell layout.

    Modeling is just one of my hobbies, the other one is photographing and making of 360 interactiv panoramas. . Since I am not completely consistent in modelling hobby, it often passes months between I built something new.

    Here is some of my work...

    Roman legionaries made from Fimo in different scales

    Ball in a cardboard castle, scale 1:87, I even made a video clip...

    Railway station made of cardboard, scale 1:160, I made figures from Pro-create modeling putty.

    My small N scale railroad layout, is progressing very slowly, I'm still at the beginning, but I do not rush it. You can take a look at a video of test drive on my N scale railroad layout, turn the sound on, my 'Dampflok S 3/6 K.Bay.S' has a sound decoder...

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    :welcome1: to the forum! I had a very close friend from Croatia. He did not have the talent you have for modeling though. Your work is fantastic! I believe you will have much too offer this forum, I hope we have much to offer you. Feel free to post our work here and if you ever have any questions just ask, someone might even know the answer!:mrgreen:
  3. Tirick

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    You sir, have an incredible talent for detailing, and your consistency on the legionnaires, figure to figure is nothing short of amazing.

    I especially like the interior of the castle/ball. Awesome work! (and welcome to the forums!)

  4. Ponytail2

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    Station and bridge

    Hello Igor,

    Welcome aboard!

    My big compliments go to your sculpture-talent. Very nice figures with Fimo.
    Also your railwaystation and the bridge are very fine.
    Are these scratchbuild or do you (still) have patterns of them?
    If so can they be enlarged to HO (1/87) scale?
    And can you share them.....?

    Will be foloowing your messages!:thumb:

  5. Igor_A.

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    Thanks for the welcome, I'm glad you like my work.
    Both bridge and the railwaystation are scratchbuild. I've made them based on photos of real objects that existed at the narrow-gauge railroad Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia) - Dubrovnik. This railroad was built in the late 19th century, during the Austro-Hungarian rule and was in use up to 70's of the 20th century. I found reference images at a local forum on the narrow-gauge railways (you must be logged in to see images).
    When I build an object, I use Auto-Cad to draw plans and individual parts, then I print in desired scale, cut out the parts and glue them together. So I can offer you .dwg drawing based on which I've made railway station or I can make .jpg of it, if you prefer. For the bridge I'm afraid I have only a rough sketch.
    The question is how should I send this to you? Should I upload it as an attachment, or perhaps you can send me your e-mail address in a private message?
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    You can do it as an attachment. If you go under the advanced tab, then select manage attachments, you will see the various formats accepted and the size of each attachment accepted. Those are for individual files. You can upload more than one file, the limitation is per file. :)
  7. Igor_A.

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    Here it is, I have uploaded two .zip files including both .dwg and .jpg and some reference photos. You will notice that there are two versions of Railway station, 'original building' and smaller 'rearranged building'-which I actualy built. Hope this is helpful :wave:

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  8. Ponytail2

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    Thanks Igor,

    Especially the station.
    Sorry to see the real building is breaking down....

  9. ekuth

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    Welcome, and nice stuff!

    I also like that right off the bat you're contributing to the forum by adding files. THAT is the attitude I'm looking for!

    In fact, I'm bumping you up from newbie. Welcome to the forums!
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