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  1. ultra1

    ultra1 New Member

    hello everyone:wave:

    and with my native language assalamu alaikum

    my name is ultra stone

    i come from egypt (probably the only one):eek:

    i've been making models for about 1 year and a half

    i like any model that goes under Military

    i hope iam welcomed here

    (sorry for the bad english)

    ultra stone
  2. Ljosalfur

    Ljosalfur New Member


    Hello Ultra!

    I'm new here too and find this site really cool. You can find a lot of very helpful things here.

    So, welcome to Zealot.
    Take care
  3. ultra1

    ultra1 New Member

    thank u very much

    ultra stone
  4. jmich17513

    jmich17513 Member

  5. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Welcome aboard, Ultra! English is fine (and better than my trace of Arabic). Looking forward to seeing what you're building.
  6. ultra1

    ultra1 New Member

    thnx a lot to u guys

    ultra stone

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