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  1. HeroesSonic

    HeroesSonic New Member

    I'm HeroesSonic from South Korea. I know this site from 'Finalpaper'. I usually visit that site. I want to see the world's papermodel, so I join this site.

    I start the papermodel 4~5 years ago (I can't remember exactly) but not a good to make papermodel.

    My first papermodel what I make(not develop) is 'Bunker' in 'Starcraft.' It's easy, and so fun. so, I make and make. It's hard and board to cut the parts, but when I finish to make, I feel so cool.

    Recently, I tried to develop the 'Trueno'(AE86. In 'Initial D', Takumi drive this car.) and result is in my profile image.

    I want to make(not develop) hard things like 'GUNDAM'. I'll keep try.

    p.s : Sorry for my short English.
  2. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Welcome.............. your english is just fine.

    I think you will like it here.

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