Green Lane Bridge over Schuylkill river

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    On the layout my Dad and I are building (see link in my signature), we're going to need a bridge over a river and 2 tracks. The bridge that my Dad suggested was the Green Lane bridge in Philadelphia suburb of Manayunk. The car road next to the bridge is actually Green lane rd but everyone calls the RR bridge that name. Here's a link to the
    site that has 15 pix of the bridge. Some others below I found on the web.

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    View attachment 35015

    I'm going to scratch build the whole thing, probably out of styrene covering and wood main structure. If anyone has any suggestionson constructions, I would appreciate it. Also, if you know anyone that built this bridge or a version of it please provide a link or pix.


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    This is really just a tease but there was a "how to" build that bridge or one very close in either MRR or model railroad craftsman but I can only narrow the search down to the last four years sorry.
    If it's any consulation it was made mostly of blue foam.
    good luck
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    I think I remember that article in MRR not to long ago. I just have to go through my well organized reference library of Model Magazines:thumb: ... OH, I mean big pile of completely messed up magazines from all different years and publisherssign1 .

    I'll have to do some searching.
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    Try this link:

    It's the Model Train Magazine of the most useful sites out there, if you can figure out how to use it!
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    Having grown up in Manayunk- that bridge is an icon burned in my memory. That and playing along the Manayunk Canal. Hence my RR- Manayunk Canal Line.

    A very ambitious project.

    There is an article I recall of a stone arch bridge being modeled in MR- Something in the title about "coolies" (chinese and irish laborers) on a PRR layout. I'll look for the mag. It's a reading room favorite that gets rotated. The author created a mold with cans to form the arches- poured plaster and of course repaired cracks or glued broken pieces as it was a large casting.

    I can't wait to see the final.

    Neccessity is the mother of invention, I have heard. Perhaps you'll tell us, "I did it my way".

    Good luck.


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