Greelt's Saturn V engines, 1:48

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    Hi fans,
    as a newcomer in this forum, I surfed a bit around and think that somebody out there will probably be able to assist me with my problem:

    I started to collect a lot of PDF's in order to build paper models, like Saturn V.
    Finally I decided to start with Greelt's Saturn V, scale 1:48 ( yesss, we have a large living room... ;-) ).
    After completion of the thrust structure. I was looking for plans of the Saturn V engines, which are to be seen on the instruction manual of Greelt's thrust structure, but no joy up to now.
    Can anybody of you give me information about a link, where I could find these PDF's? Or has anybody a valid e-mail-adress of Greelt? I tried it with "", but this adress is no longer accessible.
    Perhaps I will be successful here in this forum......?

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. ennder

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    You can find all of Greelt's Saturn V stuff (that I know of) at On the left side klick on Models for Download then klick on Misc./Parts. Part way down the page you will find the F1 engine, the thrust structure, 1st stage, interstage, and the J2 engine.

    Unfortunately, That is as far as he got with the Sat V stack. Most of us have used Ton's fine Sat V (also found there) to finish the stack.

    Hope this helps

  3. the mole

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  4. fly_high

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    hi mole,

    that's exactly what I am looking for ! Thanks a lot :)))
  5. fly_high

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    @ ennder:
    Hi Wes, thanks for your reply. That is exactly the link I was looking for :)
    I knew that I saw it a couple of searches before, but I looked only onto the main page, not for the miscellanious things.....

    Happy Easter days

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    Hi friends of space model builders,

    after a long time I am back here with some questions about building a
    Saturn V, 1:48 scale.
    I am ready now with the first parts ( F1 engines, thrust structure, 1st stage, interstage ), done with the plans of Greet A. Peterusma. Fantastic construction job of Greet, by the way....
    But now it's getting hard to continue:
    Greelt obviously stopped working on the rest of this rocket: I tried to continue with the work of Frederic Bouchar who offered a second-stage-version in scale 1:48; however, it's not matching to the size of Greelt's stage 1, and there are some parts missing to complete this stage 2.
    I was looking to the -also great and very detailed- works of Ton Noteboom, to go on with his plans for the further stages. Unfortunatelly, I can find his works only in scalw 1:96. With my PC programs here, I am unable to resize these files to 1:48, so that it would fit to the Greelt-stage 1.
    Is anybody out there in the huge space of builders who probably has relevant PDF-files in 1:48 so I can proceed with this fantastic rocket?

    I highly appreciate your answers !! :))

    best regards


    by the way: You also can send me your reply directly to my email address: (*********** ) DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL IN THE FORUM, use the Private Mailing system within the forum.!

    That's the place which I check a couple of times a day........
  7. ennder

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    I can't seem to find the thread that I read this in, but, I read that Greelt's Saturn V stuff was just a little larger then 1:96. If I remember right it's closer to 1:93-1:90. So that is probably why you are having trouble with the mach up.

    If anyone can remember the location of the thread I'm talking about please post it, there is good information in it.

    That being said, I would suggest scaling up and printing a part (like the skin of the 2nd stage) until i have a mach in scale. Then applying that scale to the rest of the build.


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