Greek Battleship Averof

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  1. Good Morning Everybody,

    I had a thought this weekend about a wish model. It is nice to see so many "Bismarcks", "Yamatos", "Graaf Spees" but there are also other ships that are very nice to model. Most of the times the problem is that the big producers don't even want to hear about that, probably because they cannot sell to many.
    The ship that I would like to see as a card model is a very historical ship not only for us (Greeks) but also to naval history. It is the Battleship "Averof", which under the command of Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis and the rest of the fleet, defeated the Turkish navy in the Dardanelles, sinking at least one enemy battleship (I think the "Mesudieh"). The ship was built in 1910 in Genoa and is really a beauty. It is also preserved by the Greek Navy in excellent condition and you can visit it in Athens. You can also see the website link below and please inform or give suggestions on what can be done.

    I would like to see this very important historical ship as a model. I would really make me proud.

    Cheers Andreas
  2. BS Averof again

    Hi again,

    I found this German site with A LOT of pictures from the battleship as it is today.

  3. Ziga

    Ziga Member

    Andreas, you are right, a good model of the "Georgios Averoff" would be great, but I'm afraid nobody will design it. Both 19th century and early 20th century warships are rarely released as paper models (Paper Shipwright has some already and David is designing more).
    As for "Averoff", she didn't sink any Turkish battleships at either Elli or Lemnos. But some were heavily damaged.

    All the best,
  4. Renaud

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    Old French ships, where have you gone?

    I fell in love with these old creatures as soon as I was a little boy. Now I design one of them, the Bouvet (1896), with her excessive tumblehome and fantastic military masts, and have the material to make many others, unfortunately, I have a day job, and only one life, but I won't after day, rings the bell to remind me I have to hurry!
  5. Kashiwazaki

    Kashiwazaki KASHIWAZAKI SENA FAN!!

    We cannot think so negatively, Ziga-san!

    I was also passionated for this ship, and designed it some three days ago, and after three days, it is now being aired in six websites, at least, which means many people loved it, too!

    Here is the post on the correct place where to take this majestic example of katadromikó:

    I dedicated this model to the one who inspired me, one of my inspiring Muses, Megara.

    Have fun!

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