Great ways to make with Scrapbooking Embellishments

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    Scrapbooking embellishments make paper designing more fun. Having these cute accessories around, make pages and design appealing and creative. One can even make embellishments at home.

    1. Frames - can be quickly created using elements that are just around you. Blossoming flowers in the garden or cute leaves can be glued to together and form a frame. However, before doing this make sure that the materials have been dried out for a week. Among other items that can be used as frames are buttons and non-functioning electronic casings. There are lots of options available out there. Just look around you and you'll see that somewhere in the corner lies a perfect material for your scrapbook.

    2. Borders - this is another interesting part of a layout. An innovative mind can come up with great ideas in making a page border. Flowers can also be used. In cases where you happen to run out of ideas, you can always check online resources and lift up some good and creative scrapbook designing tactic.

    3. Backgrounds - you don't need to buy this item all the time. If you have a printer at home and a good quality paper, you can always download free digital backgrounds that can be used in your pages.

    The internet has a vast resources for scrapbooking. The key to having a good design is creativity, innovation and resourcefulness.
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    Keep'em coming Jane!! :)

    Jane, feel more than welcome to post your work. You post enough of it, maybe even gets some friends, you may find yourself with a section just for this.:thumb:
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    I'm very sorry if my intentions were not clear - looking back I see my post didn't read in the way I meant it to. I didn't in any way intend to disrespect you or your hobby!. I was concerned that janeah had misapprehended the favour and function of the community, and that as a result might wonder why we had little input on the advice they gave.

    Again, I apologise absolutely to you for the misunderstanding. I also apologise to Zathros. I didn't mean to govern what is welcome or otherwise, merely to offer some advice as one friend to another.

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