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    announce1 Viitors who are not modelers often look at mountain layouts and wonder if a scene is posible in real life. these pictures take away any doubt Some where there IS a proto type for EVERY THING
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    Beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing. A few weeks ago on Tv they showed some train trips up thru Alaska and I would love to take a tour.

    Ron :thumb: :thumb: :wave:
  3. CharlesH.

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    Wha? Steam? Narrow gauge? Holy cats! I gotta go there one of these days!! Splendid views!
  4. Clerk

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    Thanks for the pictures Chris. They are beautiful.
  5. modelsof1900

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    Wonderful pictures of your travel and also with steam too, thanks!!!

  6. DaytonTrainDude

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    Didn't John Allen design a layout around the White Pass and Yukon?? I think it is listed near the end of the book 101 Track plans.

    Edit: Sorry just noticed its John Armstrong that designed that plan. Mike

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