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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Desert Rat Racer, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. I don't know whether this is the place to let you all know but I have almost finished building the Aston Martin DBR-9 it's not the most beautiful thing I've built, oh don't get me wrong the model is great and beautiful I mean that it's the biggest cardstock model I've built so far and because of this it has turned out well not so good but I'm trying that's the main thing. I usually build high end and low scale plastic models the cardstock is just a side line and a bit of challenge for me as I have to cut and shape everthing but I enjoy doing it, so when it's finished I'll put it on the forum and you can all have a good laugh at my lousy attempt. :grin:
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    I'm sure it won't be that bad.
  3. Hi Bluenoser, oh yes it will be you see I'm not that great with glue especially the stuff that comes out of those awful sqeeze bottles and it end up evrywhere so if you've got a good idea on how to place the glue on a cardstock model without getting it all over the model I'm all ears.
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    Glueing with A Fine Tip

    Resert Rat Racer,

    Do you know a nurse or a doctor? If you could get hold of a medium-sized disposable plastic syringe and a fairly large needle, you could use that to get the glue exactly where you want it. Then put a rubber cork on the tip to prevent the glue from drying out.

    Hope it works for you,
    Bengt :D
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    Rat Racer,
    I use a "gluesqueto" which is a straight plastic sprue to which is added a straight stick pin...heat the stick pin and then force it into the end of the can then get the glue on the end of the pin and apply it in small amounts to hard-to-get at places...this is something that I use a lot since I build paper planes at the 1:120 scale. Hope this helps! Bob out...:wink:
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    I use toothpicks. $1 for 1,000

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    Me too. Toothpics are the best modelers' friends, no matter if paper or plastic. You can use them to put glue, to clean up excessive glue, stir paint, punch holes, and they can be chewed when you get too nervous handling those fiddly pieces that don't want to stick together right :-D:grin::grin:
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    They even make great parts somtimes, like these pillars here shown, or axels, etc, etc...


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