Great news on Mizuirogakuen!!

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  1. Kevin G

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    I have been trying to get some of these models since this topic was started.
    There seems to be 31 of the 49 models that are unavailable. It also seems that the unavailable ones are all the anime girls (of course the ones that I want). Anyone know if these will be made available or am I out of luck here?
    Thanks for the help.
    Also I noticed that if you click on the pic you get a 404 message, if you right click and "save link as" (or save target as) then you get an empty .rar file for the unavailable models.

    ARMORMAN Guest

  3. SteveM

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    Leads to the same place I posted just previously and the dolls are no longer available.

    I suspect that they disappear as bandwidth limits are hit. That is, he may be limiting each one to a certain number of downloads so that he won't exceed his bandwidth quota (and likely paying overage charges to his hosting service). The dolls, being the most popular, are the first to hit their limit. Just speculating.

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