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  1. raz

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    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Now presenting my version of the Walthers Great Circus Train. I just inserted the last flat car into the homemade display case this evening. Now I just have to find a spot to hang the case. I did not get the matching locomotive, instead I am using Bowser's Casey Jones, which I am in the process of turning into CNW's 4-6-0 #1385, which also pulled the Circus Train, and can be found at the Mid Continental Railway Museum in North Freedom Wisconsin. If you'll notice the autograph on the Gollmar Brothers car, that is of Walter Gollmar Jr. who's father established the Gollmar Brothers Circus.

    I also have a question for everybody though. While I will be able to keep the cars themselves from moving with wheelstops, I don't know how I'm going to keep the wagons atop the flatcars (I haven't added them yet) from rolling off. I don't want to glue them or any wedges down to the flat cars as I don't want it to be permanent, nor do I want any sort of residue either. Does anybody have any suggestions on this topic?

    Thanks for checking it out. - Jeremy

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  2. Nomad

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    I have heard a product called funtack works ok and leaves no residue. But I don't know how you would hide it.

  3. Bones

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    You could file flat spots on the bottom of the wagon wheels. Or apply a small piece of scotch tape to the unseen axle on the wagons, to prevent the wheels from turning.

    Then, of course.... you could always use magnets. One under the flat car - one in the wagon.
  4. raz

    raz New Member

    Thanks Loren & Bones, all great ideas. One thing I probably should have mentioned is that the wagons are light and are probably going to slide around even if they can't roll, so I'm guessing that it will have to be some sort of mechanical connection to the flatcars, whether this be an adhesive, wheel chuck/wedge setup, or rope-like thread. - Jeremy
  5. doctorwayne

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    Nice looking train, Jeremy, and by the way, :welcome1: to the Gauge.
    If your train is going to reside in the display case most of the time, you shouldn't really need anything to hold the wagons in place. Seismic activity in your area shouldn't be too much of a concern. ;)
    However, if you're still concerned, Woodland Scenics makes a product called Accent Glue. It looks like white glue in the jar, and is designed to secure figures to the layout, yet still allow them to be repositionable. The instructions say to paint some on the glue points (in your case, the bottom of the wheels), allow it to turn clear, then place the object in position. If you need to remove the wagons for some reason, they'll lift off easily, and re-stick themselves when put back onto the car. I've used this stuff to keep the passengers on my station platforms from wandering out onto the tracks, and the glue is still holding, and still re-useable, after at least a couple of years. The guy in the photo below has been enjoying trains at close range for quite some time, although I have to brush the coal dust off his clothing every once in a while. :p :-D

    I'm told that this glue can be removed by rubbing your finger back-and-forth over it, but I haven't tried this: it's invisible in use.

    This fellow has been standing in the street here for about just as long: every so often, I change the car for a different one, but, so far, his key appears to fit none of them. ;)

    I did remove him once while the street cleaners did their thing, but he re-stuck with the original glue. There was no visible residue on the pavement.

  6. raz

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    Thanks Wayne, that might be the kind of stuff I'm looking for. The reason I'm concerned is that it's still a work in progress, and once I get the thing hung I'll have to take it down occassionally and the mirror on the back fits rather snuggly, so I'm pretty sure that there will be some motion in there.
  7. UP SD40-2

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    raz:wav: , i really like your circus train:thumb::thumb::thumb: , i cant wait to see the wagons on it:winki::mrgreen: .
    :deano: -Deano

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