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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by k5083, May 11, 2007.

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    ConceptDraw VI, a program designed for "professional diagramming, flowcharting and illustrating," normally sells for $149 but is available for free download TODAY ONLY (about 16 hours remaining as I post this message) on the site Seems to be a vector graphics program mainly oriented toward technical illustration. is a totally legit site that gives away a different app every day on behalf of publishers who see this giveaway as a way to create buzz and word-of-mouth sales about their product. The version being given away is fully functional with no crippled features, time limitations, nag screens, etc. I am not in any way affiliated with giveawayoftheday, but I do try to check it daily for the freebie du jour.

    I don't know anything about ConceptDraw VI other than what anyone can read on the web. I post this notice because it looks like it MIGHT have some application for cardmodel design/repaint/illustration. I haven't add a chance to try it. But with, the best strategy is download now, see if it's useful later!

    Hope this helps someone,

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    brefly checked it out it has potential thanks for the tip
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    I'm a memeber there (get their e-mails anyway). I will confirm that it is a legit site. I have downloaded some good stuff from them.

    The catch is, you have to download and install it that day. No re-installs. Usually no tech support.

    But days like today, it is well worth it!!

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