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    I ran across a great book that could be a great reference for the personal library. The title is Graphic War, by Donald Nijboer. My grandson brought this to my attention. He was drawn to it since he is investigating technical illustration as a possible career (if I say so myself, he has an incredible artistic talent, and was producing drawings and paintings when he was eight years old that most of us would be proud to take credit for ourselves). The book centers on technical graphic art produced during WW II and the part it took in the war effort. Since the author is British, the bulk of the book focuses on Great Britain, but significant sections are devoted to German, American, Russian, and Japanese graphical art. What makes it of interest is there are many dozens of period aircraft cut-away drawings and component assembly illustrations, most made from direct observation of the subject. Detailed drawings for Browning .303 machine guns, for example. Although not the intended purpose, a teriffic reference for WW II aircraft modelers, and a very interesting read for anyone interested in WW II or military hardware. (And propaganda posters are not forgotten, as well as the training manual applications.) Worth grabbing if you happen to run across a copy.
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    Is he using Computer Graphics yet for any of his work?

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