Grain Elevators

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rockislandmike, Jul 2, 2002.

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    Just got back from a cross-country road trip for a wedding. Zipped across half of Alberta, and all of Saskatchewan. Saw more grain elevators than you can shake a stick at - from older style that are still being used, to those that are in disrepair, to elevators still in construction phase with more than twenty new-style silos. Pretty kewl - next time I head that way to visit, I will make sure to take a camera.

    The motels we ended up in for two of the three nights - right along the CN east-west transcontinental.

    Saw a pair of GEC Alsthom locos powering a CN freight westbound this afternoon.

    Passed over a classification yard in Saskatoon. And last night our motel was also situated not far from a storage yard where CN keeps all their empties in North Battleford - all sorted by type - all the gons were in a row, all the boxes, and all the hoppers, each separated out in different tracks.

    Then in Alberta, we saw a dozen autoracks in each of three consecutive towns, all waiting return eastbound one would assume.

    Pretty kewl stuff.
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    ..a dozen autoracks in each of three consecutive towns...

    man, you oil barons do love your cars :D
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    Grain Elevator

    Just across the river over in Alabama there is a grain elevator but it has no rail connection....just trucks and river barges....its used for soybeans. What a waste:( :D
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    The other thing I meant to mention is that, as we were passing one of the trains while my wife was driving (hence I got to pay more attention to the railcars), one flat car had a load of railcar wheelsets on it, piled three high. Looked pretty neat, I'll probably end up modeling it with some of my spare wheelsets.

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