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  1. hi all,

    Recently I read an article about grain elevators. While it is elementary that this type of structure is used to move grain from one elevation to another in its transport, I have never understood just how this takes place. What components are inside such a structure or if they were pretty much the same. Here in New Orleans, there are several grain elevators along the dock at the riverfront for moving grain from ship to shore or vice versa. I plan on building a spur on my layout that will be a stock yard. I want to have a small grain elevator at that location. I would appreciate if anyone knows the workings of a scene like this to give me pointers on how an elevators works and what should be used in a stockyard\feed grain elevator secne.

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  3. rory,

    thanks for the site link. That has answered lots of questions. Like anything, i can do a better job of modeling when i know what things are about.

    thanks agian
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    Hi all. Rory nice link. i come from grain country. Alberta, Can. There are several types of elevators. Basically they all work the same. Fortunately at the Calgary Stampede they have an operating model of a grain elevator, showing the insides and a model railroad of how it is shipped.
    Many of the older grain elevators have been torn down. The elevators use to have the town name on them, they were beautiful to look at from the highway. On the docks or in the cities grain was stored in hughe silos, as in the link. In the towns just the grain elevator stood by itself. In older times, some had a small stock yard present too. Mainly the elevator stood by itself and the farmers would drive up in their trucks and drop of the grain. i remember the line ups to deliver. There were always a few grain cars on the siding too. Winter and summer. Hope this helps.

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