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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Topo, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. Topo

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    I'm looking after an grain elevator kit for my layout.
    After a searching in Walthers, the ones I like more are:
    -American Model Builders 'Farmer's Grain & Stock Co.' (ref. 152-115)
    -Campbell Scale Model 'Grain Elevator' (ref. 200-384)
    -Cornerstone (Walthers) Series 'Farmer's Cooperative Rural Grain Elevator' (ref. 933-3036)
    -Cornerstone (Walthers) Series 'Valley Growers Association Steel Grain Elevator' (ref. 933-3096)

    Somebody have built one of these? Which one do you think that is more 'workable' for a novice and have the better instructions? :confused:

    I'm tempted at the look of Cornerstone 'Valley Growers...' but I have none experience with these kits, so any feedback will be welcome. :)

  2. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    Javier, I will make some assumptions here: The American Model Builders model will be laser cut wood, the Campbell kit will be a box of stripwood and small parts, the two Walthers kits will be plastic. The Walthers kits will be the easiest to build, the Campbell the most time consuming, but not really difficult. I have built 5 Campbell kits, but not this one, and find them very enjoyable. The instructions and drawings are the best I've ever seen. And for a relative beginner, they offer a bit of an education on various tecniques. Have fun.

  3. Drew1125

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    Hi Javier!
    Although I don't have any personal experience with all the brands you mention, I have built kits from Walthers, & Campbell, & they are both well suited for the novice modeler...
    I always tell people, too, never be afraid to deviate from the instructions, to make a kit fit your space, or make it more two kits, & combine them in some interesting way!
    Have some fun with it!
  4. Topo

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    Gary & Charlie, thanks for the suggestion.
    There is long time that I don't build kits (±20 years!!!) and for sure that neither the kits -nor my hands!- are not the same. :rolleyes:
    I will give a try at the 'Valley Growers...' kit, just for re-learning. It is one of cheapest, and if 'something go wrong'...;)

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