Graf Spee height.

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    How high was the Graf Spee from the bottom to the upper deck.

    I have some specs that say:

    Length: 186 meters

    Beam: 21.65 meters

    Height: 12.2 meters -measured from keel edge to upper deck.

    Is this the correct height.
    In pictures it looks like the height isnt much less than the beam.

    I am looking into building a 1/144 scale Graf Spee.


    Richard :)
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    I think it all depends on what one calls the upper deck. My guess is that the measurement given is from the bottom of the keel to the main deck of the hull. This begs the question of at what point does one take the the bow or midships? The upper deck of the superstructure is probably another 12 meters or so above the main deck. If one measured from the uppermost deck of the superstructure to the bottom of the keel, the height would be about the same as the beam.
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    It is usual to refer to the upper deck as the upper deck.:lol:
    There is a dimension known as the Moulded Depth, taken amidships this basically refers to the height of the solid hull side above the level of the keel. On some ships this is to the main deck but more often to the upper deck, one level above the main.
    12.2m may well be right for that in this case.

  5. Darwin

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    Maurice, are we now debating what "is" is?
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    Thanks for the info Guys!!

    Wow, that page is slow loading :lol:




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