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    I am using On30 and at 8 or 9 % I can only pull 5 ounces with my porter and 11 ounces up the hill with my shay. At 17% even the locos wouldnot make it. Try making a funicular [did I spell that right?] RR. It uses gears on the track. to get up a hill.
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    If you are set on the 5 foot separation, and your grade is going to be "off-scene" (out of sight?) then I agree with Jeffery that your best bet is a helix.

    If it is visible, remember that the prototype would have been using similar trackage to your calculated 17 switchbacks (maybe not quite so many, since logging lines would use up to 10%). After all, you are trying to climb about 450 vertical feet.

    For comparison, a "regular" line might allow 130 feet rise per mile (~2.5%), so would need about 3.5 miles to make the climb. That's over 200 feet of scale track in HO.

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    Except it would take trains forever to traverse that helix. With the short trains typical of steam logging lines, a train elevator sounds like it might be a good option here.

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    Guys I am jumping ship to a bigger guage. I have a 3 1/4" railbed to lay my ties on. For my application HO is just too small. What guage fits that criteria?
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    Ties are typically 9' long. That means Gauge 1 (1/32) has ties 3-3/8" long - too big. O (1/48 ) will have ties 2-1/4" long.

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