GPM's Ju-87 D-3

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Ron, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. pashlispaht

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    Rivet detail

    I punched all the rivets with a stylus. First, I lightly pressed the rivet from the printed side in order to mark the location, and then I turned the paper over and pressed the rivet from the non-printed side. I can tell you with authority that it is a very, very tedious process. But you are right; the finished product no longer looks like paper. It begins to look more like a real aircraft with this touch.
  2. pashlispaht

    pashlispaht Member

    Small holes

    I realized after looking at your post again that you did not ask about the rivets.... I punched the small holes with a piece of brass tube that I sharpened. I think that it is 1/16" inside diameter. I just put the tube in a Dremel and filed the end. Then I proceeded to punch out the holes with my punch and a hand-held pin drill.
  3. Gil

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    You can leave it in the Dremel..., makes punching small holes fun!

    Thanks also for explaining the rivet detail. I do the same technique. It is tedious but goes rather fast.

    Best regards, Gil
  4. Leif Oh

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    Pashlispaht, that is simply amazing. Can't believe you are managing this in 1/33. And it is so clean, and crisp, really no sign of paper or cardboard at all.

    Congratulations, indeed!

  5. tino

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    Very beautiful job, much better than my P51D fuel tanks.
    Its really an impressive work.

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