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    GPM PaK 40 75mm L48 (Panzerabwehrkanone 40)


    The PaK 40 75 mm L48 was released to the German army in late 1941 and quickly became the standard Anti Tank Gun until the end of the war. The 75mm L48 was a relativity high velocity gun and could knock out all of the US and British tanks and most of the Russian tanks. With its low profile it was well suited for ambushing enemy armor. The 75mm L48 gun was used on several different vehicles and appears to be the most common gun (over 23,000) produced by the Germans.

    The Kit

    The model is published by GPM in 1:25 scale. The kit consists of two complete models one in the pre 1943 dark gray and the other in the later dark tan color. As you can see the models are weathered. My first impression of the kit was that the weathering was over done however when finished the model has the appearance of a snow camouflaging that has worn off,

    Each model is on two pages of 67 lb (180 gr) paper and has 290 parts not including the wire parts. There were no fit problems and I would rate the difficulty of the model at 4 on a scale of 5. This is due to the relatively high number of small parts. As for accuracy to the prototype I would rate it at level 4 on a scale of 5. Assembly diagrams are on 3 pages and are clear and concise.

    As for instructions they are in Polish note the cover of the model states that English and German instructions are on GPM’s web site, however I was unable to find them.

    I showed the model at the IPMS-OC meeting on June 20th and it took first place in the paper model category.

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  2. Tim Crowe

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    Great build - you can't tell it's made from paper.

    A well deserved First Place!

  3. eatcrow2

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    Fantastic workmanship as always!!!!!! :thumb:
  4. cdcoyle

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    Excellent work, Jim! Congrats on your award.

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