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  1. bunuel66

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    GPM An-2

    My first big build. An 2 from GPM kit. Found the glass part of the cockpit a bit difficult.


    Regards from France

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  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    super build! love teh detailing and you did a great job on the glass :)

    Only suggestion I might make would be to color the cut edges of the paper - othrewise awesome! :)
  3. bunuel66

    bunuel66 New Member


    Thank's for your comment. Yes I could have colored the cut edges but I was afraid of damaging the color. Then, I chose no to do. Nevertheless I can do it for the main wheels anyway. That said, the pictured being lighted by a flash the white edges appear much more than in natural light.
    The glas was a hell, I made it twice and it was really a pain in the ...

    Now I have to decide if I continue for a kind of diorama or if I use just a support as a regular model.

  4. m231235r

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    which models are in english?

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