GPM he 111

Discussion in 'Dream Kits & Wish Lists' started by tino, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. tino

    tino Member

    Someone know´s any information of this kit?

    I know that it is very detailed, but don't know if it is a good build.

    Someone knows how is the fit of this model?
    Have someone tried it?

  2. Vjatchy

    Vjatchy New Member

    Photo review here:

    Paperwings website

    It has some difficult places in engines, wing roots and moving parts (flaps, ailerons), but overall quality is very good. Not for beginners.
  3. tino

    tino Member

    Thank You Vjatchy,

    well after I finish my P 51 D from halinski (in construction) and after I build the GPM me 262 (Next plane to build) I think that will be prepared to build it.
    Someone have more information?
  4. Ron

    Ron Member


    It's good to see you again :) I haven't seen you around here for some time.

    All the best :)

  5. tino

    tino Member

    There's is someone more that can say something about this model?
  6. tino

    tino Member

    Hi to all,
    Now that I have bought this kit is there any one that can
    help me in translating the polish instructions? Please. :oops:
    The instructions are an A4 page and are divided in 14 phases.
    This is a great kit and I will post one first look review soo.

    Best Regards,
    Diamantino Mateus

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