GPM Graf Zeppelin

Discussion in 'First Impressions Kit Reviews' started by Darwin, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Model: Graf Zeppelin
    Publisher: GPM Nr. 102
    Scale: 1:200
    Format: Hardcopy
    Distributor: Out of print

    The mailman bringeth wonderful things to my door today...this kit being the jewel in the crown. I think I know what I will be doing this winter. 24 parts pages (14 cardstock, 10 thin paper). 5 pages of construction diagrams. Sufficiently detailed construction diagrams for experienced card modelers to successfully perform the build. Pages are double-width A4, about 17 inches by 11 inches. Level of detail excellent. Model includes 12 Me 109s and 30 Stukas. The kit has stood the test of time reasonably well...what was an excellent kit by the standards of when it was first published (late 80s or early 90s, maybe?) is still of reasonably good quality today. A few minor color voids, fair color registration (slight color shift, shouldn't be noticed unless one looks close). Some minor black artifacts appear here and there. Draftmanship very good, considering it is hand drawn and not digital. Artwork good, but with definite room for improvement (could stand some shading and weathering to make it more photo-reasistic than cartoonish in style). As is the case with most ship models of this age, the deck planking leaves much to be desired....monochromatic yellow, with 800-foot long planks. Construction method is normal egg-crate. Full-hull is an option. I have not done any dimension checking yet for fit, but considering the age of the kit I would not be surprized to encounter a few problems. If the overall kit quality is any guide, though, I will be surprized if they are more than minor in nature. I would definitely not recommend this model to beginners, and it will challenge those with intermediate papermodeling skills....however, the construction graphics seem good enough that an intermediate modeler should be able to get through the build by thinking of it as lots of little builds rather than one overwhelming structure, particularly with a little help from our Polish-speaking friends. Overall grade a B+, even by todays standards. I have only seen this kit available through Ebay, and that only rarely. It is possible that our buddy at Spishop might be able to make a few inquiries for you....he managed to locate a copy of Flymodel's Mig-15/F-86 combo for me. Just don't expect it to come big or stay at home (unless you luck into a buy-it-now deal, as I which case, pay the money and run). This kit is worth saving up the allowance for, should you happen to encounter it. Maybe the gods will smile and GPM will update and re-release would be awesome given the same state-of-the-art quality as the Gambier Bay.

    Instructions: B+
    Paper quality: B
    Level of detail: B+
    Printing quality: B+
    Artwork: B
    Value for money: NA
    Skill level: Skilled
  2. Scorpio

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    Hello Darwin,
    Very interesting model.
    Good choice!
    I know that the exactness is excellent with the model

  3. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    hello all,

    they did it ! they rereleased it 4/2004. as far as I can see, all parts are now digitally remastered. the color is darker than the old one. I did not check whether they fixed the faulty parts, yet.
    the planes have internal parts to enhance wings and body. the instructions are in polish, english and german.

    you may look at the multi part construction review (unfortunately the old version) at (part 4 will be published next month)

    cheers from austria
  4. Lukas

    Lukas New Member

    I think that you are talking about new anounced model from
    It is not a Graf Zeppelin - there is new USS Saratoga :)) - digitaly remastered. Ship will be the gigant :)
  5. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    hi alll,

    sorry I was talking about the JSC Graf Zeppelin :D (the GPM version is still waiting for rerelease)


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