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    Yep it is! It would be really nice to have GPM B52-D in the gallery here and hopefully somebody will make a go for it, make a thread on the build process complete with photos especially on parts that would probably give the modeler a "challenge". I don't think that a build thread has been done on a huge plane before (not counting planes that has been upscaled to 1:16).
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    Hi There,

    Picture of finish GPM's B-52 is below
  3. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member ain't the only one who loves the big birds...though I like them in small scale. I have decided when I finish my attempt on Marek's PBY in 1:100 scale, I will attack the GPM B-52 (with some modifications to the paint job GPM put on their kit) in 1:100 scale. I do soooooooo wish there was a B-52H model out there somewhere (hint-hint). Of the nine versions of B-52s Boeing produced, the H model is my favorite. Not because it is still flying, but because it was the first model I saw up close and personal, and because I spent a lot of time working around and with 15 of the 102 models bird (60-0028) in particular. Presently, I am working on scanning Hobby Model's B-1B so I can rescale it and someday print and build. It would be nice to get some large Soviet bombers also. Someday I'll get the Tu-22M and begin work on it also. Like you say, gotta love the big birds!
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    hey, that's not fair! why are you not posting your build on Marek's PBY? I too have that and would want to get a few tips hehehehehe. if you are downsizing, i like to upsize my models :D
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    I'll post progress work on the PBY when I start building it. Right now I am cutting out the parts, which for me is not an easy task...fat fingers, numb hands and bad eyes 8v) When that part of the process is finished, I'll post a beginning pic. But, please note I say, "attempting" the build 8v) I have printed up a LOT of models at 1:100 scale. I did that a while back when I had ink and knew I would soon be in a position where I couldn't afford to buy ink for a while. If I screw up this attempt on the PBY, I'll trash it and go to another Marek model, or Prudenziati model 8v) and I'll change the signature at the same time...hehehe.
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    Hi There,

    Another picture of GPM's B-52

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    How do you store that thing!?! You must have a large room dedicated to just that plane or have it hanging from your ceiling somewhere.

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    some body can or want send me some paper models airplanes like present, I'm from nicaragua, my name is guillermo and i'm new in this forum, my problem is that i don't can to buy nothing by internet becouse I haven't a creditcard and too don't have a job. if somebody will do this for me I'll stay very thanksfull whit the good men that do this, thankyou, excuse my gramar. I hope an aswer soon.

    att: guillermo
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    Hi Guillermo

    Are you sure you want a monster like the b52? This is a large model and even if you manage to get a scan of this plane, will you be able to print it? I would never consider printing something like that unless I knew someone with access to free printing. Also , do you have access to sheets of paper that are larger than Letter format ( I think in this case you would need that )

    You should start with something smaller. Look around the net, there are lots of models out there.

    Good luck,

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