GPM B-52 build at 1:120 scale

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by airbob, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Grizz

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    Once again, thanks Airbob.

    When it comes to trial and error I much prefer to spend more time on the trial and less on the error. Your feedback will definitely save me some frustration and time and your build certainly provides the incentive to give larger models a go at a more manageable level (for me).

  2. airbob

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    B-52 Engine construction continued

    I am indomitabley pursuing the construction of the turbojet engines on this you can see I have completed 2 of the internal formers for the double turbojets...:idea: I also have excluded 2 of the bulkheads to save's one of the benefits of building.... don't need the extra formers!!! will keep you updated on progress....cheers Bob

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  3. airbob

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    B-52 Engine construction continued

    Below is the picture of one of the mostly completed double turbojet engine of the B-52....the fashioning of the anterior part of this engine is no small feat! contains numerous reverse curves and really makes the paper contort:razz: But I will continue to build this is quite a challenge!!!....grrr....:p

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  4. Grizz

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    I've changed my mind about smaller being more manageable!
    Looking great! I would have gotten glue everywhere by now.

  5. cgutzmer

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    all I can say is wow! excellent work.
  6. dwgannon

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    :cry: I would have just crushed the engine and stopped. Way to small for me.
  7. airbob

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    B-52 build continued...

    I have finally completed all the turbojet engines on this 1:120 scale was a learing experience....I seemed to use a different build technique on each one...getting better as I prgressed....the first green/green was not the best build I have done...OH WELL!!!...the color pattern on the original for the exhaust splitter thingie at the rear was reversed for one engine for the beige--medium brown color and had lto be corrected. My wife pointed out that one of the beige/medium brown cammo patterns on seems to be reversed...compaired with th wing it is on!....nnooo....I'm not going to correct it!:mad: to tackle the two pair of side by side double wheels on the fuselage...and the little trailing wheel ...very strange pattern!

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  8. rmks2000

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    Great job! I'm amazed at how fast you have built this, despite the fact that you have rescaled and corrected parts.
  9. cgutzmer

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    that is looking great! Keep the pics and info rolling :)
  10. Ashrunner

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    The out-rigger strut on the wing tips was considered classified at the time of B-52 development and a period after it became operational. Most photos released during that time had the out-riggers air-brushed out. It was definitely a strange way to do things. 8v) Helped prevent landing damage from the 32 foot arc the wing tips could move through.

    Airbob, your BUFF is looking great! 8v)
  11. JLKasper

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    Great work on that model!!

    Those outriggers would set several feet off the ground if the wing tanks were drained. It was weird at first to see a BUFF with one wing drooped on the outrigger, and the other wing nearly horizontal with no droop. Imagine those poor gunners in the rear. The jolt from an air pocket would be felt sixfold in the gunners' chair. The seats had a suspension system on them, which made the ride tolerable. I wish I kept a secret (illegal!!) diary of all the tail numbers of planes I ever worked on while in SAC. I might have preflighted it on its one way trip to Davis Montham, or taxied off in the south forty to have its wings blown off, so the Russian spy satellites could see were keeping our end of the SALT II bargain. By the time I worked on them, most all of the artwork had disappeared. One still had a couple of red stars on its vertical stabilizer; it had downed a couple of MIGS over Vietnam.
  12. dwgannon

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    Nothing like dragging 3000 lbs of fuel on the ground to make you think. Right Ash!!! :twisted: :cry:
  13. Ashrunner

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    No kidding! And imagine my eyes when I watched 60-028 on a Green Dot 8 exercise, collapses its rear mains causing the out-rigger to snap off. There was only 700 gallons in the H wing tank, but that's still more than two tons! Luckily the tanks didn't hit the ground, but the out-rigger still bounced back up and punctured the wet wing. Now that was a spooky day!...and a long one since, not did I have the you-know-what scared out of me watching a nuke loaded BUFF catch fire and skid across the runway right in front of me, but I also was one of three fuels people detailed to hand-pump out 20,000 gallons of JP-4 so the bird could be jacked up and moved!
  14. bugman72

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    This isn't exactly the BEST picture out there of a B-52, but I thought I would share nonetheless. I believe the subject matter, when taking into account the span of historical aircraft pictured, is enough to make me want to share. This was taken by an MP on base that was friends with my brother-in-law, who is a reserve MP.


    It would be great to be able to recreate this picture in scale using paper models as the subject. I just purchased the 1:33 B-52D and am in awe of the intended final size. I think that figuring out where to put a model of such magnitude outweighs the actual building of it.
  15. dwgannon

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    Let me see, we have the B-52H, B-2, B-29 and then that little bomber want to be the FB-111. Not bad. Just missing the the B-1.
  16. OldSalt

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    ...and the B-36 and B-47...I just couldn't let it go! :)
  17. Bowdenja

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    B-58 Hustler............
  18. Rick Thomson

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    Let us not forget the B-57 or Canberra as we knew it. A nifty little aircraft, I turned more than a few of the Green Mountain Boys around during my time in Base Flight at Cold Lake.
  19. Fishcarver

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    Bob: This is simply a drop-dead excellent build.

    YOU BE DA MAN!!!

  20. airbob

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    Buff Completed!!!

    These are the pictures of the completed B-52 at the 1:120 scale...whew!!!:razz:
    The color variation on the belly view is from my printer being on strike!:???:

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