GPM aircraft models...are they relastic?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by gian7675, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. gian7675

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    Just wondering if the GPM Aircraft models are realistic models...or toyish when assembled.

    The card modeling bug has bitten me badly :-D and I want to buy card models here or different types.

    I was insired by FLU's Bell UH-1 Iroroquos and I want to try these GPM helicopters and aircrafts:

    GPM B-17 Flying Fortress
    GPM M-17

    Are they as realistic as detailed as the Fy Model Bell UH-1 Iroroquois?

    Can somebody point me to a picture of finished builds of these kits?

    Thanks! :)
  2. milenio3

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    Interesting and smart questions.

    I don't have that info, but sure want to be checking for these.
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    The puma kit is a little "cartoonish" not like the Mi17. The B17 kit comes with various cautions as to fit and quality. I have the fly "green" version which fits well but needs a repaint of the exterior. GPMs is in Metallic if I recall.
  6. Fozzy The Bear

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    In my humble opinion....

    It's got a lot to do with you as a model maker and how much effort you can afford to put into your models. GPM make some superb kits. The earlier ones, prior to 1995 or there abouts are a bit less realistic off the shelf. Mostly because until about that time, the manufacturers were still behind the iron curtain, and were effectively a state owned company. The print quality of the earlier kits from most Eastern European companies was a bit on the poor side as was the paper quality.

    The current crop of GPM kits is absolutely superb though. They seem to have re-designed many of their earlier popular models, and the quality is now top notch. Halinski models are more complex in terms of parts counts and constructional detail, but GPM models are still very nice. You should also take a look at Modelik kits, which I think just have the quality edge on GPM right now.

    Please note that this is just my personal opinion having studied quite a few of their models.

    Best Regards,
    Julian (Fozzy The Bear)
  7. putzes

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  8. gian7675

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    Thanks for the links!

    Ok...I have a few questions re: the build and I hope you don't mind me asking them because...well like what you mentioned, most of the the build is in German :)

    1.) On page 1...what's the difference between the Red finned B-17 and the Yellow finned B-17? Are they both GPM's or is the other one a recolor of the GPM product? Which is which?

    2.) On page 1, almost at the bottom of the page there's an aluminum cowling. Is there a pattern for the Aluminum cowling available here? :)

    3.) On page 4, how did he make the front glass bubble? Is it scratchbuilt?
  9. putzes

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    I think you refer to Hennis entry (the first answer to René's original post): Henni owns the B-17 kit, too, together with the Fly model issue. He thinks the Fly model version to be more beautiful despite the glossy print of the GPM B-17. GPM: yellow, Fly: green/ red.
    Henni is also asking who did copy the B-17 from who - two different publishers and exactly the same position and layout of the parts ;-)

    2) The pattern for the aluminium cowling should be the part in the kit. The cowling shown in the thread is scratch built.

    3) René did purchase a set containing all glass parts. This set can be found, e.g., at - p&p will be a little bit expensive if you would buy only this item from them ;-(

    Ad 3) Robert shows here at the very bottom how he makes canopies: One or two pages before he shows some first - less successful - experiments. By using the paper parts of the kit and forming the nose (and other glass parts) it should be no problem to make these parts scratch built if you are a little bit experienced.

    Perhaps there is also some instruction how to scratch build canopies also here available? Sorry guys, I've read a lot here but don't know the content here as good as on the german board.

    Cheers, Old Rutz
  10. shoki2000

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    This is exactly the same model, just in two different color schemes :wink:
  11. gian7675

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    Thanks for the explanations! :)

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