GPM #9 JU-87 Trop

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by cjwalas, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. cjwalas

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    I was going to ask if anyone else knew the exact scale on the FG Stuka! I suspect it's 1/48-1/50 scale, but I'm not really certain. My favorite kits of the ones I've done so far are definitely the GPM kits. They are the best fit and the most thorough design of all of them. And both the 87B and the 87G are good. I like the Maly Modelarz JU-87B Trop as well, but it's a much simpler model. The worst fit I've come across is the MM 87G, but it's still a fun, and frustrating, build.
    The FG Stuka is a fun kit, but it is what it is. It's not a solid or accurate model, but it's a simple and fun build. I was thinking about resizing the FG kit to 1:33, but there aren't any formers in the kit and I suspect it may be a bit of a problem scaled up, although I have seen one done somewhere before!
  2. RTomedi

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    Hey Chris, sorry to bother you but, do you know that GPM has also produced a 1:24 scaled Stuka? :confused: It´s the Ju 87B Stuka with a different scheme of colors. Maybe I´m repeating someone, if so, sorry about that. :oops:

    And by the way, amazing job with this model, awesome!

  3. cjwalas

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    Thanks, Ricardo. I have both the recent 1/24 87B and the 87D from GPM left to build. The 1/24 is a major recolor and they've added a lot of detail, particularly in the cockpit. They also have a JUMO engine as part of the kit, but I haven't been able to figure out if there's any way to fit it in the model. It doesn't look like it.
    The 87D is the stuka kit that has gotten rave reviews and may be my next build. The coloring and weathering on it is fantastic. I know others have posted builds of it before, so mine will probably be a short one for that kit.
    Other than those two, I have the Try Krapky 87G (which desperately needs to be recolored), and the Fly 87B, which looks like a recolor copy of the GPM kit. Then when I run out of Stukas....what will I do!?
  4. RTomedi

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    I should have guessed that a "stukamaniac" like you have this model... (kidding) :p
    Let us know when you start building it. I´ll follow it for sure.

  5. cgutzmer

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    After you run out then you repaint them to your hearts content :)
  6. cjwalas

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    Thanks, Chris! That was the answer I was looking for!!sign1
  7. Amazyah

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    Dang, that's purty!

  8. sakrison

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    Great work, Chris!
    The Maly Modelarz Stuka was one of the first 1/33 models I built. It went together very well and, aside from the canopy glazing, which I had no idea how to do properly, it still looks good to me. maybe someday I'll try to redo the canopy.

    How did you do the glazing on the GPM Tropical Stuka? It looks great!
  9. cjwalas

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    Thanks again, guys.
    David, the glazing was the most intimidating aspect of these kits when I first started back in....Geez, it was only January I started on these! I've got more done than I thought I could in that time! Anyway, the "glass" is just whatever cellophane (acetate?) I can find. Some of it is off food wrappers and some is the wrapper of the very paper the kits were printed on! The glue I use is standard contact cement. I haven't found any other glue I trust on the clear plastic. The machine gun "bubble" is heavier "blister pack" plastic that I heated and pulled over a sphere form;
    The 87D canopy is much easier to do than the 87B canopy. The 87B canopy frame really needs to be formed well before adding the clear plastic. I bend the pieces to shape and then add CA glue to the inner surface to solidify them in shape. Then I glue the clear plastic from the center to the edges in steps. It's not the fastest method, I'm sure, but I'm feeling pretty confident with it. The biggest lesson I learned is simply to go slowly.
  10. GT5500

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    I may be wrong here but I know with model planes these type of weights are used to put more weight or mass near the hinge line, it is done to reduce aileron flutter during high speed dives, something which a dive bomber certainly will be doing!. The system is known as mass dampening I believe, much like they use on bridges and tall buildings to prevent the wind from vibrating them to pieces. Also a plane only has one set of ailerons, so there are no furthest ailerons, the in board surfaces are most likely flaps, a dive bomber would require big flaps to prevent it going to fast in a steep dive. Oops forgot to say great build, well done I love this plane, I picked up a 1/24 scale airifx kit last year really cheap, be a while before that gets touched!
  11. rlwhitt

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    Great jobs on the Stukas, and having the patience to model the same subject multiple times! I that'd drive me crazy! :)

    As for glueing clear plastic, Testors makes a fine product called "Clear Plastic Cement and Window Maker". It's great stuff, and if you get a little "wild" with it, it'll scrape right off when it sets up a bit.

  12. sakrison

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    You did a great job. I used the same technique on GPM's Blenheim, but it took me several test builds to get it right.

    I've had Emil Zarkov's Bronco sitting on my shelf without a canopy for over a year because I'm not sure the best way to attack it--it's a lot of glass and not much framework. It looks too big to do as a "plug mold" in one piece, but doing it in sections means having to join the sections with very little to bind them. I guess I just need to dive in and try something. Like all of Emil's work, it's a beautiful scale model with a nicely detailed cockpit and I want to do it justice.
  13. cbg

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    I too, would like to see your technique for making those great looking "greenhouses". . .you describe the process well, but seeing your method as well would help Stuka lovers the world over.

  14. cjwalas

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    Thanks for the tip on the Testor's glue. I'll try to track some down locally.
    If you do decide to attack the Bronco canopy, please post photos. It sounds like a real challenge!
    I'll try to document the next canopy in detail and we can all share tips. My method works for me, but I'm always interested in other options!
  15. YuG

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    Stuka is one of my favorite and I made GPM's winter camouflage version but it was not as good as yours.
    Nice work:thumb:

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