GPM 313,13/2011, 60 cm KARL GERAT,

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  1. János1962

    János1962 Member

    New year, new model and now I will build a bigger monster.
    The end of last year published GPM model is self propelled gun with 60 centimeter big gun it has been built for destroying.Every ammunition weight 2 tonnes.
    7 units were built, but only 6 was used in fights, between 1941-1945. They were fought against russian strongholds, in Brest-Litovsk and Szevasztopol, and then bombing of Warsaw, fought in Battle of Bulge, and the military operations against the Remagen bridgehead. Only 2 left now, the rest were scrapped after the war.

    The booklet is in A3 format , 30 page with parts, 4 page of skeleton, 29 page of description. The trucks have the same grey colour like the model. This is definitely a repainted and partly to be looking better, partly for technical reason.


    Very detailed design, even the ignition key is included in the dashboard. The middle part under the gun, is elaborated in great detail, here is a mechanism, that is (while shooting) at lifting up the rollers to put the
    bottom plate to the ground.

    Let's see the building. I made the driver's position first.
  2. János1962

    János1962 Member

    The hull is assembled. It was very accurate.

  3. János1962

    János1962 Member

    Torsion springs

    Torsion springs are done and the arm system that lifted it.

  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I don't know how I missed this one. Fantastic start! :)
  5. János1962

    János1962 Member

    Thank you Zathros.

    I put on the the cladding elements.


    Compare to the small Kettenkrad, [​IMG]

  6. snake7

    snake7 Member

    Wow! Amazing model! Good luck!
  7. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Great pic of the Kettekradd. You did a nice job fabricating the cable spools and framing. That's a new one! That is an awesome piece of artillery! Another new one for me! :)
  8. János1962

    János1962 Member

    Thank you Igor and Zathros.
    Swinging arms holders are done, and i glued them to their position.

  9. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I looks like you bolted the pieces on, then put a lot of anti-corrosive paint on it! Great!! :)
  10. briannetgirl

    briannetgirl New Member

    Holy Cow what a beaut! I can't wait till it gets done!
  11. János1962

    János1962 Member

    Thanks! You need waiting - maybe- to end of year :mrgreen:

    Swinging arms and rollers are done.

  12. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I feel much sorrow for the people of Warsaw, having been bombed with a beast like this. It goes to show how hard they fought that they had to use something like it. I cannot imagine being near that when it went off. The wheels looks excellent! I think you are not capable of less! :)
  13. János1962

    János1962 Member

    Rollers are done.

  14. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    They look like they work. They don't work do they? I think that would be too much too take. Also, where did you find bolts so small, and the sockets, to screw in those suspension components like that!:thumb:
  15. vbsargent

    vbsargent Member

    With all the wonderful modeling that I have seen on these forums I am constantly astonished with the intricacy of models and the skills of those building them. I am also continually amazed that these beautiful models are made from paper.

    Bravo, my hat is off to you Janos1962.
  16. János1962

    János1962 Member

    @ Zathros. The rollers can't work. The nipples and bolts are laser-cut products. But I now find the new thing, one Slovakian guy made it.
    Sometime I want to test it.

    I finished the second rollers.


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