Gpm 048 b-24 j liberator series g kit review

Discussion in 'First Impressions Kit Reviews' started by The Hermit, Jan 19, 2009.

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    today we will review the gpm b24 mitchell kit
    it arrived from safely and very very well packaged
    i purchased the model kit and the accessory canopy package. the canopies were so well
    packaged i think i could stand on them with out crushing it 8P.
    it includes 4 pages of illustrations including the 2 covers very little to none of documentation in polish, 4 pages of formers to laminate and finally 9 pages of full color high gloss thick build pages.
    i like this kit, i think it will build to a nice model..i am biased to liking b series bombers...
    how ever i grew up in a print shop, learned all of the steps on printing from the beginning
    because of that i have to nit pick on the printing of this kit
    it is a 9 because of this and it could have been a 10
    having said that i still very much enjoy purchasing this kit
    for the details the printer is off on the masks he made to make the printing plate...
    basically this means that the color fill in some areas is off by a milimeter and will either bleed over
    slightly in one area or leave a white area where there should be color..
    it is slight but enough for me to be very irritated with the printer, this was caused by lack of attention to detail. 8(
    enough of the bad,,, lol
    it is stil a nice looking kit
    the simultated aluminum looks good especially the shark mouth on the nose
    most of the printed detail on this kit does not have the above mentioned issue
    but there is enough to make you notice it on the page

    the kit has many detailed areas
    the pilots bridge the bomb bay and the many gunners posts i think they will build well into the model and make it look detailed and well done however i hate the green color they used inside the aircraft lol
    having seen how you are to make the canpoies from cellophane
    they look awesome and were worth the small price paid.
    all in all its a 9 out of 10 ( because of the printing)
    and think it is money well spent on this kit especially if you are a fan of B series bombers like i am....

    thanks for your time and look for the pictures following the post
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    One thing that has always annoyed me about GPM kits of USAAF bombers: The interior details are bright zinc chromate green--correct for some fighters but not for the B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, or B-29.

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    I've been tempted by this kit several times so I am glad to see your review of it. I'm disappointed to hear about the printing issue. I know it is relatively minor, but after having had to deal with a number of Maly Modelarz printing issues, the quality of printing has risen a lot in my criteria for buying kits. Thanks for your insight on this one. Despite the printing, I'm sure it will build into an impressive model. I look forward to seeing and reading about you experience with it!
    Thank you.

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